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Best/Worst Customer Service from a Distro/Label?

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Who's the best?

Who's the worst?

Everytime i've had an issue with VC its taken care of within a few days.

Hydrahead is awesome.

never had an issue ordering from relapse.

also, Southern Lord, i love you guys, but come on, i paid for my Monoliths and Dimensions package back on Halloween!

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Victory Records blew me away. I got a bunch of LPs in one day and nicely packed.

Also, people were talking shit about Epitaph's service, but I've already had three good experiences since it has been open.

And VC is always real easy to talk to and I win goodies from them.

Vinyl Junkie Distro knows he takes forever, but has good communication and great prices.

Generic Insight Radio that had the girl that freaked out hooked me up with two free records and sent them priority each time.

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Yeah, VC are always good. Andy is sorting out an issue I had with one of my orders & that's being handled pretty well. I've never had particularly bad service with anyone, just shipping times seem to fluctuate which isn't really something people can do anything about once they've shipped the goods.

You just know Run For Cover are going to get another kicking in this thread. Not particularly bad service, just very hard to get a response from them/him.

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Best/No issues:

Deathwish Inc.

Hydra Head





Victory (back in the day when I used to order all the time)

Robotic Empire

Initial Records (RIP)



Troubleman Unlimited

On the fence (I've had good and bad & can't really make final judgement)


Garment District

I may add more to the list as I start remembering...

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I've never really had too bad of luck with anything, occasionally one order will go haywire with everyone, except:

RevHQ (every single time I've ordered from them something has gone wrong:

  • [*:35z67yh2]right band but wrong record(this is how i got Texas is the Reason's LP on red...I ordered the s/t 7", they sent me the LP)
    [*:35z67yh2]not including a record, but being charged for it(this happened twice)
    [*:35z67yh2]and the last straw was being mailed to my address, but to another city.)


Neurot Recordings

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Relapse gave me terrible service. I pre-ordered something from them which never ended up coming and then they told me they wouldn't refund me since they know it shipped out even though they didn't have a tracking number to provide me. Since it was a pre-order I couldn't even file a paypal claim. Assholes.

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Nothing but great things from:


no idea (shipping is a little slow but i assume they have tons and tons of orders to fill)



Its alive

Traffic street

Insubordination records



And i know i got alot of shit before for saying it and i am sure i will get more shit now but:

Littletype. they shorted me records and never refunded my money, and never responded to any emails. I know i ordered several months after Erika passed, and i can only assume things were rough, but I am pretty someone else has the ability to answer emails and take care of mail order issues.

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Right now I'm having an issue with Runner Up Records, I know its a small label but I'm having a hard time getting in contact with any one there. I've been trying for a few weeks now trying to find out what is going on with Dave House's Intersection LP...anyone else every pre-order from them?

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I haven't really had any problems with anybody, all distros have been kind to me.

I will say that recently 2 guys went above and beyond to replace records that were bad / wrong (and limited), and that was Todd at HoZac (one of my Hookup Klub singles was a dud) and the guys at Douchemaster (ordered a Bad Sports LP early and they mistakenly sent me a non-color one).

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i have had no problems with aural exploits, i order from them a lot

no idea has been great over the years for wholesale and retail

vc has been great

relapse sux

deathwish, BCD and hydrahead have always sent tons of extras and goodies in every package i get

revhq no problems at all w/retail and wholesale.

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Amazon - the worst.

Told me it was my fault that the record they shipped me didn't have my name on it.


Yeah, sellers on amazon constantly list CDs as LPs and then get pissed at you for their mistake.

Be very careful when ordering LPs from amazon. I would email the seller before buying and check their other listings to see if they are selling a bunch of other records or if everything else is cds.

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also, Southern Lord, i love you guys, but come on, i paid for my Monoliths and Dimensions package back on Halloween!

Seriously...I ordered vol 1 of the new Boris 7" shortly after it was posted and later ordered vol 2 when it was posted as well. I ended up receiving vol 2 before I ever got vol 1, yet the order status shows the order shipped, so I shot them an email using their contact "system". No answer. I gave it some time and then sent a regular email to their contact email...no answer. Pretty lame that I can't even get an answer at all.

Not trying to bash SL, I have always had great experiences with them, and will continue to order from them, but I paid for the order on 9/22, and my 2nd email was sent on 11/16. I guess I am just going to have to charge it to the game and snag another copy. L A M E.

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Rat Patrol Records, from the UK, fucked over a bunch of people on pre-orders way back when this board first started. Anyone remember?

I've been trying to forget it ever since!!!!

No Idea, Kiss Of Death, Traffic Street, No Breaks, Dirt Cult, ADD, Dead Broke, It's Alive, All In Vinyl, Banquet are all amazing - never had a problem at all

VC, RevHQ, Insound, Interpunk, Fat all had issues of some kind at some point, some sorted quicker/better than others!

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