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best/worst customer service from a distro/label?

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Most recently, had a good experience with Cleopatra Records.  Don't know who to really blame for my most recent terrible experience, which was when I pre-ordered AWK's latest through Pledge Music. The album was out everywhere, but "delays" at the pressing plant (so they said) made it so I (and many others) didn't see their signed vinyl copies until roughly 2-3 months after its release date.

The delay wasn't the worst thing. It was the lack of communication.  

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And the award for the worst label goes to The Mylen Sheath !!

I pre-ordered the Caspian re-issue this last april month and nothing : no confirmation, no mails, no answer during three months, just a paypal confirmation when pay.

And after that, the only answer I got is the Paypal payment wasn't completed !!!!!

I send the proof of payment and after that, nothing more than silence !

This label is a joke !!!!!!

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4 hours ago, seku said:

Sorry to hear all the bad things about one of the best labels in the world.. something must have happened that Lindsay&Joel lost their interest in running label :(

We're going to feel so bad if they come out and say "guys we had a kid that was born with cancer and they died from complications of heart surgery when they were 11 weeks old".



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