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Best/Worst Customer Service from a Distro/Label?

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I don't buy much online, but I've had good experiences with the two distros I've ordered from in the last year.

No Idea of course is one. They have everything, and they let me pick up my order so I don't have to pay shipping.

And Two If By Sea distro has a good selection and great prices, and shipped promptly. They've got some OOP stuff still new, I'm assuming just because they don't get a ton of orders.

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Best/No issues:

Deathwish Inc.

Hydra Head





Victory (back in the day when I used to order all the time)

Robotic Empire

Initial Records (RIP)



Troubleman Unlimited

On the fence (I've had good and bad & can't really make final judgement)


Garment District

I may add more to the list as I start remembering...

I'm curious... What happened with Troubleman?

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If anybody ever orders anything from Forge Again Records, I'd like you to know that those short black hairs are CAT HAIR, and not pubes. So don't hold that against me.

Hahaha, i feel the same way when i send out records. i always box shit on the floor and cant help but get dog hair stuck in the tape. don't worry people, i don't have brindle colored pubes.

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Rat Patrol Records, from the UK, fucked over a bunch of people on pre-orders way back when this board first started. Anyone remember?

yeah Frank and I were one of those .......


Yeah the fucker still owes me money but what i don't get is that the prick is still in business !!!

Never Had A Problem With:

No Idea

Magic Bullet

Different Kitchen


All In Vinyl

Hometown Caravan


Fat Wreck

Kiss Of Death


Boss Tunnage

Bridge Nine


The Worst In The World By A Mile:

Rat Patrol

And Xtra Mile were a bit shite...sent out wrong record and wouldn't answer e-mails so its never been sorted

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I've had very few bad experiences. Aural Exploits sent me a common press when I ordered the limited one and basically said "tough". If nothing goes wrong they're fine, though.

Relapse sent the wrong record, but responded very quickly and sent a replacement for free.

Saddle Creek, Magic Bullet, Mylene Sheath, Denovali and Bis Auf's Messer are always a pleasure to deal with. SC Distribution have gone out of their way for me, as have Burnt Toast Vinyl. Lots of others are very good (DWI, Bridge9, BCD etc.), but that lot have been great.

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Guest kylewilliam

worst ever:

valiant death

dude fucked over tons of businesses and people for thousands and thousands of dollars, he released two of my records... i know for a face there were 200 paid orders when the bonfire club originally came out... thirty were mailed out. THIRTY. thank god it doesnt exist anymore

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I'm curious... What happened with Troubleman?

Placed a simple order with them for a couple of 7"s. Never received them after 2-3 months and way after the Paypal claim window. Emailed them, they replied and apologized.

Never received the 7"s and stopped responding to any and all emails I sent after.

This all went down July (I think) of 2008.

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I've had good experiences with:

Vinyl Collective

Aural Exploits

Sound Stage Direct

Acoustic Sounds

Music Direct


I recently ordered from these guys for the first time and haven't received my records yet so I'm withholding comment till I do:

Fat Wreck - waiting on my NOFX Cokie/Orphan t-shirt combo

Side One Dummy

Mightier Than Sword Records - The Blink 182 pre-orders are not due to come out till January

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As an "international" buyer there is an extra barrier to great service.

I've been ordering consistently from Fat Wreck since 1996 - got a green "fuck the kids"! (not quoting the year for scene points, just saying to emphasize the point) and I have NEVER had an issue with anything they've sent me - That's including CDs, vinyl, clothing, box sets, the works. Always reasonable shipping.

No Idea has always been great - that's since 1998. Shipping accurate and great

Interpunk sucks for international because they put the actual cost on the customs waiver - I've always had to pay duty.

Dischord - awesome - best shipping rates to Canada (along with Fat)

Team Science - great, plus free corkscrew - even indicated on the back of the package

Third Man - great - $7 postage paid to Canada, pretty reasonable

Chunksaah - great, I can't recall the shipping costs, but I've always ordered clothing plus records so that throws it off a bit. Great Customer Service.

Epitaph - Great!

Pirate's Press - Good.

VC - fantastic.

Rough Trade - there website was not up to date, when I used to order from them they were routinely out of half the stuff I ordered - that was years ago though

Banquet Records - They sent me the wrong CD from England - they asked me to send it back and refunded me the shipping back, then sent me out the new one. I was a bit surprised since they made the mistake - I didn't mind, but I still had to buy a new shipping envelope and go to the post office. Like I said, I didn't mind but I was still surprised they didn't just take the loss since it was their mistake. I would (and just did) order from them again though.

My only negative experience has been with Lookout - I sent out a money order (remember those? Before the chaos of online ordering and ebay) in 1997 (when the Canadian dollar was in the shit)for a punk uprisings CD and an operation ivy shirt, and nothing, no help either.

The Second shitty experience was this year with Hotel Grand Cleefe Records from Germany - two 7"s were shipped with no backing support in a bubble mailer - they arrived in one piece but the (shitty quality) sleeves were badly bent.

It's probably the ethic of the scene along with the desire to be a good business that leaves all of us pretty happy with the service we get.

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Guest kissthesharks

I'm lucky enough to not have had any bad experiences with any labels/distros.


No Idea

Kiss of Death


Deathwish Inc.

Zonk! Distro

Various people from this board ;)


Douchers on Ebay.

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