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best/worst customer service from a distro/label?

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Nightmare experience with Music Direct

Ordered a record, arrived with an 8" gash across the back of the jacket. Returned it with the assurance that the title was on backorder, but had to bug them for an update on the backordered record after two weeks of radio silence. Turns out, OOP. Shocker. Then tried to work out an exchange but they couldn't figure out the billing for the difference. Was told they'd refund me instead. Ok, cool. Received the refund, but it was only a partial refund... despite them being at fault for a defective item. Lesson learned, should've just filed a PayPal claim a month and a half ago lol. 

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recently— Magnolia Record Club.  They have members only variants.  Im not a member but i emailed them asking if a certain one would be sold to the public.  They said the extras would be up “shortly”.  Well it sold out in minutes. I missed it.  Told them thanks anyway.   They wrote back and said they were going to make sure that i got one. They had cancelled a few orders from flippers who bought too many. We tried to time it a few times where they’d add one to the store and theyd email me (it sold out everytime it was added). Finally we got it on the third attempt when they added five copies.   They are amazing.  https://magnoliarecord.store/

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