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Official Record Stores List (help us list them)

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Anyone have any specific recommendations in Beijing, Hong Kong, or Tokyo??


I'm going on a several week trip to Asia this week and will have time in each of these cities. I've heard the shopping in Tokyo is supposed to be really choice but I'm a bit overwhelmed by all of the options I have to choose from when I google it.



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Not sure how often everyone check's this, but I wanted to try and avoid starting another one of those "record stores in X area" threads... 


I'm going to be in Bloomington/Minneapolis early next week and I'm looking for some tips on some stores to hit up. I appreciate any suggestions!

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Attic Records

513 Grant Avenue, Millvale, PA 15209






Dave's Music Mine

1210 East Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203






Eide's Entertainment

1121 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222



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Monrovia, California ( Near Pasadena)


For being a fairly small records store they have lots of stuff and tons of gems!

They buy, sell, and trade. They carry starter and high end turntables. Every couple weeks they let small touring bands and local bands play shows inside the store. If there is something you're looking for and it isn't there, they are more than happy to special order it for you.


Resistor Records

511 S. Myrtle

Monrovia, CA 91016 

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If you're ever in Providence, Rhode Island (and you should come visit--once the snow has melted), be sure to check out Olympic Records at 580 Wickenden St. Lots of new releases, and an always-rotating stock of used titles. Mostly indie rock and pop, but plenty of other genres represented. The owner and only clerk, Kevin, has taken good care of me since I moved to RI 5 years ago, and I'd love to steer some more people his way. Very close to Brown University, East Side, Fox Point, and right off the highway (195).



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Pittsburgh My Two Cents


A short background: until the recent sale of Record-Rama, Pittsburgh may have been the most surprising home to some of the biggest record collections. In addition to this Penn Hills staple, Pittsburgh boasts Jerry's Records in Squirrel Hill and Attic Records in Millvale; both house multi-million record archives.


A growing youth population with a particular curiosity and passion for vinyl records has helped record shops to bud through the city and its suburbs. Here are some of the most central stores in my personal order of preference:


Attic: Nestled in Millvale, you will leave with something. Side note: Anthony's Pizza is superb; Grist House Brewing (typical microbrew) and Draai Laag (Belgian style specialist) are also great joints to check out.


Sound Cat: In Bloomfield, Pittsburgh's Little Italy; the premiere joint for new records. Their used selection is pretty solid for newer releases and classic rock. A definite, must stop.


Mind Cure: This small shop is pretty cool. It's off in Polish Hill above a cafe and under a comic shop. They have a decent collection of classic rock and a small blues section that I seem to always walk away from with something. They are most noted for their punk and metal collection.


Amazing Books & Records: Pretty cool book store with a surprising collection. The purveyor recently added a large portion of his collection to the store. Prices are not bottom dollar, but generally fair. Definitely check this "dahtahn" shop out.


Jerry's: Enough has been said about Jerry's — you will get lost in this sea of wax. I personally think the LPs are fairly well picked, but the collection is always being added to. Huge 7" archive — like, Lowe's step ladder, floor to ceiling huge. Off in Squirrel Hill.


Eide's: A used comic, movie, and music store at the threshold of the Strip and Downtown. The first floor has bargain, $1 records; unlikely to find anything here. The second floor has used records; a decent selection. The third floor has new records that span a couple decades. Prices are on the high end, but this collection is worth scoping out.


The Exchange: Similar to Eide's, but much smaller. Selection will vary per franchise as they are all over. I have only been to the two downtown: The Smithfield shop has a pretty weak record collection, but the Liberty store is decent. Both classic and newer used records; the former is fairly picked through, but worth a quick riffling.


Dave's Music Mine: Most notable for their selection of new records, in particular as a supplier of Third Man. They have a recent arrivals of used vinyl in the back of the first floor. In the basement is a large collection of used records that are picked through. This is South Side, so a day time adventure if you don't want your new grails vomited on.


Desolation Row: A small, but densely filled corner of a book store in Oakland. There are a couple thousand about 50:25:25, used classics: used contemporary, and new. A solid selection of less mainstream tunes. They even had a bootleg of The Grey Album.


Slipped Disc: Oakland music and movies shop that hosts mostly new records, with an okay used section. And an interesting selection of adult comics and books to boot.


Stedeford's: Have not been


Get Hip: Have not been


Wicked Discs: Apparently closed



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Dallas TX area


♫ Groove.NET 

Address: 15330 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway, Mesquite, TX 75150

Phone:(972) 270-9898


♫ Josey Records 

Address: 2821 Lyndon B Johnson Freeway #100, Farmers Branch, TX 75234

Phone:(972) 243-203


♫ Entertainmart 

Address: 5959 Alpha Rd, Dallas, TX 75240

Phone:(469) 364-8760


♫ CD Universe 

Address: 4043 East Trinity Mills Road, Dallas, TX 75287

Phone:(972) 307-3337

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Not sure.  I never look at that stuff.  I would check at Used Kids or maybe the downtown shops.

you know i honestly think this is the best record store ever....i got my whole stereo bundled for 150$, they have free sales sometimes, and bands even play there.  The first time i went i got a stash of free records, a free button, and a warped nofx record(fixed it with some palettes i heated up).  Overall the supports awesome, the people give great reccommendations, and the prices are cheap and affordable...

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Can anyone vouch for the two in Rockford, IL I'd hate to drive an hour to come back empty handed.


Obviously this is an incredibly late reply, but the stores in Rockford are all decent.


We now have...


-CD Source - Used CDs and a pretty decent selection of vinyl and equipment


221 E State St, Rockford, IL 61104 - (815) 963-2842


-Culture Shock - Clothing and Records - exactly what it sounds like - equipment as well - very knowledgable owner/staff


2239 Charles St, Rockford, IL 61104 - (815) 229-2997


-Kate's Pie Shop Cafe & Records - AMAZING pie and a decent, but small selection of records.


6685 E State St, Rockford, IL 61108 - (815) 298-7009


-Toad Hall Books and Records - this, by far, has the most vinyl in town.  10s of 1,000s of records.

Good selection of new vinyl, with so-so prices on the higher end.  Willing to order anything.  Very nice people.


2106 Broadway, Rockford, IL 61104 - (815) 226-1259

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Rob from Garnick's is the best! He always hooks me up and calls me when he gets the good stuff in :)

Ditto. Bob (reminds me of Groucho) and Paul are great, and they always flirt with my wife. Lol She gets a kick out of it, I mean they are in their late 60s at least.

But yeah he gives us some great deals. Ive spent a lot of cash in their

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Rush Mor Records - http://www.rushmor.com/


B Side - http://www.b-sidemadison.com/

Ear Wax - http://www.earwaxwisconsin.com/

And there's a bunch of shops called Exclusive Company all over the state and they're all pretty nice.


Exclusive Company is now closed in Madison...


Check Out > JIGGYJAMZ > Specializing in Electronic and Hip-Hop Music on Vinyl and CD.

Fast, Friendly, Professional Customer Service...  Cheers!


JiggyJamz Vinyl Records And CDs

621 N. Sherman Ave.

Suite B11

Madison WI, 53704





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Here are some of personal faves in the Inland Empire and greater Los Angeles area:



215 W Big Springs Rd
Riverside, CA 92507

(951) 530-8700

*one of my cities hidden gems. Tom the owner is great! Mostly used and hard to find records.


Mad Platter

1223 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92507

(951) 328-1600

*sister store to Rhino in Claremont, CA


Katz Alley

214 E Redlands Blvd
Redlands, CA 92373

(909) 798-3444

*last time I was there, the guy was re-doing the shop. It's mostly used classic rock.


Zoinks Records

226 S Main St

Pomona, CA 91766

(909) 865-4758


The Glass House Record Store

248 W 2nd Street

Pomona, CA 91766

(909) 865-3802


Kaos Records

1044 N Citrus Ave
Covina, CA 91722

(626) 967-7802

*Great shop for all your punk needs.

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Some of these might be listed already, but I wanted to do a little blurb on all the record stores I've been to where I live: New Orleans:


My favorite:

The Mushroom on Broadway St.


They've got a pretty nice new section, and reasonable prices (for the most part). Their used section is organized by genre, so that's nice.


A lot of people's favorite:

Euclid Records NOLA


HUGE selection of used stuff, also a crazy amount of 7" upstairs. It's ridiculous. As they're probably the most gone-to record store around here, some of the stuff is misplaced (in the wrong later, etc.), but they, too, have a good selection of new records and good prices. The only reason I like The Mushroom more is because they cater to my tastes a bit better.


Jim Russell's on Magazine St.

Do not go on a hot day. You will be sweating on anything you touch. Used records only; be prepared to see some bad handling (eg records stacked on top of each other -- quite high), and bad organization. You'll find some interesting stuff there, I'll give'em that, but it's not my kind of record store. People are nice though!


Skully'z on Bourbon.

This is very small and tight space, but they have a surprisingly large collection of both new and old vinyl! I was pleasantly surprised. I haven't been there enough to say more, but definitely plan on going to this one if you didn't spend all your time at Euclid or Mushroom.

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Would be rad to setup a custom google map with the store location and comments about what they specialize in, tips, etc.


This is helpful but still missing comments, tips, etc.



Android has an app called Vinyl District.

Gives locations of shops in whatever area you are in. Has reviews, upcoming record shows etc.

I use it a lot

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Euclid Records
3301 Chartres St.
Find a wide selection of records, from obscure metal and punk 7-inch discs to indie and classic rock, local and new releases, jazz and experimental sounds. The shop also hosts in-store performances.
(504) 947-4348

The Mushroom

1037 Broadway St.
(504) 866-6065
This upstairs university-area outpost isn't just for blacklight posters and glass pipes. Find new and used vinyl and CDs in all genres. There also are occasional in-store performances.



907 Bourbon St. (504) 592-4666 This pint-sized lower Bourbon Street store is packed with new and limited releases and rare records in all genres, with plenty of punk,indie and metal.


Revolver Records

Pensacola, FL


Central Square Records

Seaside, FL


http://www. KMLKollective.com

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