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Upcoming stuff on Cavity Records

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If any one around here is a fan of stuff we do, you rule. Got quite a few new releases coming up if you have any interest in reading this (thanks to those that do!).

1. Eagle Scout - New Hands CD - No word yet on the vinyl, but we are certainly thinking about it. People seem to be into the Piebald, Cursive, Get Up Kids comparisons. The record was recorded with Matt Goldman and turned out great I think. It is streaming at absolutepunk.net if you have a profile there.

2. Giants - Old Stories LP - Should be shipping from the plant in a week, two tops. Probably toss up a pre-order this week. Any one who does pre-order will be entered into a "contest" to win the rest of their (in print) discography too (They, they Undeserving LP and CD + Old Stories CD). Going to have a VERY limited screen printed version too with different art. Only available from the band at shows and by request.

3. Adai - Felo De Se LP+CD - These boys just recorded a stellar EP with Matt Talbott of the legendary HUM. This thing is going to look amazing too. Gatefold, one-sided LP with art from Seldon Hunt and Andrew Weiss. Should have it in April. If you are not familiar with them, go check out the Space for some jams from their old EP ...I Carry on Radar.New songs will surface soon.

4. A split 12" we hope to finalize and spread the word about in a week or so. This split will be from two of Phillys finest, and two bands you probably would not expect to see a split from. This one is looking good.

So many other things in the works too. This year is going to be a fun (and expensive) one for Cavity. New website which is cool too I guess? www.cavityrecords.com

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Looks like #4 is good to go a little sooner than expected. In late Spring we will be releasing a split LP + digital download from Rosetta and Restorations. If you don't know the mighty Rosetta, you are missing out. Restorations are a relatively new band from the philly area with a bit of a HWM/Latterman feel. Might seem like an odd split, but trust me, it will rule.

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The NORTH LP is actually not too far away. Gotta knock out these next few things and actually thinking about doing What You Were next.

On the Giants LP, turns out we are not going to put the screen printed versions online. We set a about 40 aside, mostly for friends, but if you want one just shoot us an email soon-ish and we can probably hook you up. First come first serve on those.

Glad you like that Eagle Scout, Jordan! The feedback on it so far is amazing!

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i ordered a paulson record from you guys last week, and havent received a word about it yet, im not too far away so i was expecting it to be here by now. just hope you guys didnt forget bout me!

Are you fucking kidding me? A week?

chill out. just havent heard ANYTHING from them, AT ALL, and i live an hour away from richmond, and shipped a record there 2 days ago media mail and it got there today. emailed but didnt get a response, thought id try here.

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