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+ I finally got a router I ordered off 1saleaday.com, only took 2 months to get it. I got lucky, and it's a version compatible with ww-drt and tomato firmware. Going to mess with it at work.

- Leg is bothering me.

- It's cold, and was sleeting when I was out earlier.

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- I'm burned out and need to either take time off or go on sabbatical. This might mean needing to quit my job.

- just as I'm thinking of scaling back I'm offered a four day shoot in rural Vietnam - hard to divorce yourself from work when you want to take such a challenge.

+ Been given a couple significant awards lately.

- Awards don't account for the stress and overall feeling of exhaustion

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- starting the day off taking a crap immediately post-shower

- that crap ending with an overflowing toilet upon my first flush as I was sitting on the toilet

- late for work because of it

+ the venue I intern for currently (The Bottletree) has started offering me paying gigs, super stoked about that

+ dude from Torche named our venue his favorite on Pitchfork a couple of days ago (even more rad, because I went to see them the last time they played there....and now I work for that venue, just a rad fucking feeling knowing how awesome of a venue it is...and that I'm somehow a part of that) Link to Torche Interview

+ got my paycheck a day early (I have $15 to my name currently....can't buy enough gas to get me anywhere....and can't buy groceries b/c I can't afford the gas to get there and the groceries....piss)

- can't deposit or cash the check until tomorrow because it's post-dated

+ Alabama's A-Day is saturday, I'm going to Tuscaloosa to work at least 12 hours at $11/hour versus working here in Birmingham at $8/hour.

+ my buddie's band's first show is that night, it's free, and my buddy is gonna feed me and share their free beer with me for coming out to the show (August Spies)

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got up early on my day off = productive.

shipped a dude in finland a copy of vheissu and it was cheaper than we both thought it would be

came back and cleaned up the house a bit

yankees play the angels at 1

sunny as fuck out

listening to a bunch of new records today

edit: my copy of in keeping secrets showed up!!

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- So apparently it's cool for people to just not show up to work again, leaving me alone, again.

- Allergies are going crazy after I walked upstairs at my house, while my dad was ripping out old insulation, without a mask on.

+ I got paid early.

+ House is coming along good, should be able to move in soon.

+ Flies are gone from house, not sure what the source was, but has not seen any in a few days.

- Weird odor in the house, probably from the water not being on in 2 years.... hopefully.

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+its 90 degrees here in mass. right now

+ive had a fairly productive day since its my first day off in a week.

-paid a bunch of parking tickets

+made a killer omelette this morning

+just went on a damn good hike & chilled with the hawks

+boutsta go smoke up and do more glass drawing

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+ House is coming along good. The downstairs should be ready to move in 2-3 weeks, then I'll move while we finish the cape cod upstairs (which should only be an extra few weeks, depending on if we do a dormer or not).

- I was ripping down the 1x4's from the old basement ceiling, and even though the mold all over them is dead it still made my allergies go crazy with a mask on.

+ Applied for like 6 jobs yesterday. Hopefully one will at least call me.

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- Lots of reading to do today i.e. learn how plant oils can be used to make adhesives, by 6pm (when I'm meeting with the rest of my group to go over what we learned to determine what's best to do)

+ Cool free show happening tonight

- Might not be able to go to it because of meeting with my group at 6pm.

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- Friend's acting all flaky. We were supposed to met up last night to talk about going to Cleveland today, but he didn't answer his phone or respond to texts. I wake up to a text about going to the record store, and reply but get no reply to that one. I'm so glad I took a day off work for nothing.

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+ RSD was fun.

- work was not.

--- My mom collapsed at the hospital the other day and had a brutal accident. She was rushed to Buffalo General because she cut her forehead BAD, cut the bridge of her nose, bruised her entire face, sprained her wrist, and lost TONS of blood that she can barely even produce for herself. Her platelets are low, so it was really scary.

+ She's more or less ok

- but they're keeping her back at Roswell for a week or two. Looks really bad though.

- There's other stuff they think is going on tho - worrying about infections, found a lesion on her brain (that was there before the fall), worried about muscle atrophy from steroids.. Just sucks all around. I've been incredibly depressed the last couple days because I haven't really slept and it's all stressful.

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