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New! Turkish Techno, Joyce Manor, Summer Vacation


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I have a super ghetto new site up at www.muyautentico.com along with some new records! I'm bad at this whole describing shit thing, so please bear with me.

Turkish Techno- Demos 2x7"

These are early recordings of 4 tracks that will appear on their forthcoming LP. I have two version of this available. The first is the regular version, white vinyl with black streaks. Each record has it's own jacket and it's more like a sister release.

The second version is the test press. These are packaged together in a screened jacket, hand numbered /50 with black vinyl and blank labels. I only have 10 of these available for sale, once they're gone I won't have anymore.

Summer Vacation/Joyce Manor split 7"

You probably haven't heard of these bands, but both of them are incredible. They are two of my favorite new SoCal bands. I really don't know how to describe bands, so just check them out if you're so inclined. Joyce Manor will have an epic full length out on 6131 Records this winter!

Summer Vacation


Joyce Manor


These are limited to 300. 150 will be on opaque yellow and 150 will be on black vinyl. These will ship next Wednesday, September 22.

Jonesin'- The Dream is Dead EP 7"

This shit is fucking sweet. You've probably already ordered this from Sam. The MAR exclusive color is opaque blue and I think it looks really fucking awesome with the artwork.

Also available...

Pretty Boy Thorson/Anchor split 7"- Limited to 300 (150 mint green/150 black). I won't repress it when I run out since Pretty Boy Thorson technically isn't a band anymore.

Rumspringer/Dude Jams split 7'- Seriously getting close to OOP!

Jonesin'/Dude Jams split 7"- I'm almost out of copies. Chris at Dirt Cult might have some, though!

Turkish Techno/Shang-A-Lang split 7"- Down to about 15 copies and that's it! No más!

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Some shit bar with summer V on the west coast. Long beach or some place south of la. I stayed with mark for three days...craziest punkest dude ever. Seriously going to hype this record

Oh shit, I had no idea you were out here. I would went to that show for sure!

But yeah, this record is pretty awesome, I think. Especially the Summer Vacation side!

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