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Pedro The Lion entire Catalogue Repress

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5 minutes ago, Andthejets27 said:

I thought the person in this thread that got it said that their local store often gets things very early. To my knowledge the EP hasn’t been “officially” announced yet, unless I missed something? 

They said that on August 18 though.


We're just wondering when that announcement will be since they're clearly pressed.

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On 10/4/2018 at 4:58 PM, glass realms said:

Seems weird that they haven't announced the reissue or that nobody has it up for pre-order yet. Maybe Tooth and Nail are saving it for BFRSD? It'd be kind of silly if they decided to cancel the re-release altogether, especially since finished copies already exist. 

Maybe Bazan's camp got wind of it and squashed it, although I suppose they don't really have any authority/leverage to do anything about it.

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