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Frank Turner & Jon Snodgrass "Buddies" 10" PO Up


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So........ are these shipping by now? site said release date was november 1st..anyone received shipping confirmation?

Just got this email:

'Hi there - Firstly, thank you so much for purchasing 'Buddies', secondly it is only right to let you know that we have had a couple of small issues in relation to the format in which the record was delivered to us at Xtra Mile Recordings and then from us on to the Manufacturing plant.

The upshot of this is that we have had to put the release back for the 10" GREEN vinyl album. We at XM HQ hate having to do this and we appreciate the knock on effect of this is that you the patient purchaser now has to wait even longer before you get your hands on it.

We hope to be mailing the records out in the next 2-3 weeks. You will still be the first to receive this release anywhere in the world. So on behalf of everyone here, I would just like to apologise profusely and hope it doesn't deter you from stopping by again.

Our reputation for delivery has been and continues to be in the main, I think, pretty good to date.

Thanks again for your patience,

Charlie Caplowe, Xtra Mile Recordings.'

Looks like a while longer yet...

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Got mine today. Packaged in a thin card mailer which is better than a postpack i guess but only just. Still provides no protection whatsoever but at least its a closer match to the size of the records. Bent corners and the vinyl has pushed through the bottom of the cover though... par for the course with xtra mile. Rarely do I get anything that's not damaged by the time it arrives in Oz.

I think I've given em more than enough chances now. Doubt very highly I'll order from them again. Should have waited and ordered this through KRM.

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