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Bright Eyes - People's Key Deluxe Preorder /2000


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They probably should have made this a run of 500...

Except they managed to sell 1800 of them before they even made it off the presses.

Once they sell the last 200 that's $100k gross. Why sell themselves short if they know they can make the numbers?

exactly, if anything maybe they should have pressed 2500

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i also just bit the bullet on this. i was teetering back and forth between the regular and the i want it all, and i just did it. that is a steep purchase, but so so good looking.

but you're getting a 12" and a 7" that are exclusive to this package.

the value is going to go up quick on those. especially the 7".

so far saddle creeks "i want it all" sets have been very much worth the price, except maybe the azure ray bundle. that didn't come with anything except a tote bag and a candle. boo.

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I have been having trouble this morning too, and this is the response I received from Saddle Creek:

Our hosting provider is currently experiencing downtime issues. As soon as it is resolved we'll send you an email to try the download again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.




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