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He Is Legend - I Am Hollywood 12" Pink w/Gold

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Thank you for pre-ordering He Is Legend- I Am Hollywood- on vinyl. We have just received an update that the vinyl has been delayed in production. They are not set to arrive at our facility until the middle of April. Orders will ship as soon as possible after the vinyl arrives at our facility.

If you have any questions or need to update your address/information on the order, please email us at [email protected] with your order number & information regarding the changes you need.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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6 hours ago, Winterhalo said:

Honestly, I'd really love The Uriah Omen Ep on 10". I still listen to it regularly

Number 4 with a smile is still a jam. I want the 90215 ep real ass bad. 

And unoriginal vinyl posted a story with wars and rumors of war in it on April 18th and I asked if we were getting those 3 soon and they replied with “yup” so hopefully we’ll actually get them in May

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4 hours ago, nevelsaynevels said:

You gotta blue? Currently holding out on selling it outright to find the blue. 

I don’t have any. I was the one who created this thread back in 2011 because I wanted it on vinyl so bad! It finally happened and I missed every pressing. 
So, no, I don’t have a copy to trade, but if you decide to sell it outright please let me know. I need to own this on vinyl. 

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Posted (edited)

Post from Unoriginal Vinyl - 

Just doing our best to convey what we know, despite having zero control or influence over the process or actual fulfillment of these records..
MerchNow copies (Green or Yellow) have begun shipping out of the MerchNow fulfillment plant. 
Furnace Fest, screen Printed Copies (those being Blue Vinyl with Blue Jackets /100 and Pink Vinyl with Gold Jackets) are making a pit stop in Chicago to be stuffed with care by hand into the hand-assembled jackets, and you will see shipment notifications start turning up for those early next week. Patience, friends, there are very complicated, legitimate logistical reasons they had to do the process this way, so have faith that we are closely monitoring things for you to mitigate any risks. HIL are ALL headed your way soon and amazing-looking. 
The very moment we have or know anything new on The Chariot or Norma Jean, so will you.

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