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Suggest FREE ALBUMS via Bandcamp/lp/etc

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Hightide Hotel LP


Pop punk/emo with noodling guitar.

Iron Chic LP


Fun, killer pop punk, I think they're ex-Latterman.

You can also listen to my band for free at http://wavelets.bandcamp.com/

We're emo along the lines of Snowing and Street Smart Cyclist.

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I can't think of too many on Bandcamp right now, but there are some great ones just through the bands' regular sites.

http://lipstickhomicide.bandcamp.com/ - they have a couple great albums for free, female vocals, pop punk

http://thebcasa.com - download the album "Fuck It Up Hard" for free, great sloppy funny punk.

http://www.dowzerpunkrock.com/ - download the album "Concrete Smiles" for free, guy/girl pop pnuk with some ska thrown in from the Netherlands.

I'll keep thinking

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A ton of great releases for free right here:


This guy puts out awesome stuff and he's offering most of his catalog for free...

HPR-001 - The Disappeared - A Realization of Hope 7" + CD

IHPR-002 - Celebrity Autopsy - Fast, American Rock N' Roll 12"

IHPR-003 - The Honor System - Rise and Run LP/a>

IHPR-004 - The Disappeared - The Radical Miracle 12"

IHPR-005 - The Haddonfields - Tickets Still Available 7"

IHPR-006 - The Haddonfields - We Are Not Alone LP/CD

IHPR-007 - Teenage Rehab - Abuse Your Solution 7"

IHPR-008 - The Disappeared - Nothing.Someone.Something 7"

IHPR-009 - Hot Atomics - Out of Service 7"

IHPR-010 - The Haddonfields - Jetty Boys - Split 10"

IHPR-011 - ((Thorlock)) - Mission Supplement: 1A 7"

IHPR-012 - Black For A Second - The Wifflers - Split 7"

IHPR-013 - Bent Left - Let Me Be your Jesus\USS Awesome LP

IHPR-015 - Fountains of Folly Vol. 3 Compilation CD

IHPR-016 - Everything Went Black - Rattletooth - Split 7"

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Christian James & the Family -- "Christian James & the Family"


Christian James & the Family -- "Gray Day Alabama Blues"


Brandon Holder & Christian James -- "The Whole Damn State is going Apey' "


all singer-songwriter/bluesy/americana stuff....all good

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Extremely fun/catchy pop punk from pittsburgh all about your prehistoric buds who love hockey, coffee, and beer! Awesome live album up for download.

I'd be interested in real recordings...live was intriguing but not enough to make me listen to the whole album. quality just to shotty.


Emo punk stuff

Best find so far from this thread...(I already knew about Honor System & Iron Chic)

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