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Any comic book readers?

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I know where all nerds here, who's into comics? I just started reading again and I can't believe how the level of quality has ramped up so much.

It's every bit as addicting as collecting records. Thanks to half price books I've gone from no comics to about 5 longboxes in a couple months.

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Invincible. Seriously just buy everything now. God dammit it is my favorite book.

I love Invincible or anything written by Kirkman. It's so awesome that the high school principle looks like Carl Winslow, is named Winslow, and the schools name is Reginald VelJohnson High plus all the Invincible trades are named after an 80's tv show.

Have you read his Irredeemable Ant Man series? That was a good read also.

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I'm definitely going to read Preacher and I'm about halfway through the boys right now. I'm starting to become a huge Garth Ennis fan.

I'm realizing with the vast ammounts of arcs and different stories it's just a lot easier to follow certain writers as opposed to just reading full series and putting up with it when the crappier writers step in.

I'm getting caught up in Greg Paks's run of Hulk right now, it's awesome to see someone actually write a good story about my favorite superhero when I was a kid. Pak seems to be an all around solid writer, I just read his mini series Magneto Testament and it was awesome.

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Been reading comics nonstop for pretty much my entire life.

Recent stuff that I've really liked...

Action Comics has been the best DC book since the Lex Luthor storyline began.

Read the first Morning Glories TPB last week. It does live up to the hype!

Everything in the Mignola universe has been great lately (Hellboy, BPRD, Witchfinder, Baltimore).

Chew is still awesome!

I've recently started getting into the GN's that Fantagraphics publishes by "Jason". Hey, Wait... and I Killed Adolf Hitler are what I read so far. Both highly recommended!

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I would think that anything Marvel or DC is going to be fine. Probably not the Punisher. Stay away from the Vertigo imprint or the independents. Could probably think of a few more exceptions.


Buy on ebay or an after market site. New comics sell for $3, then go for $1 on ebay (except for the hot storylines, but there are 100 that go down in price for every one that goes up). They are a pretty decent investment if you buy them at the aftermarket price, because you can almost always get your money back.


If you are going to get any significant amount of books, get him bags and boards too (or books that come bagged and boarded). Teach him to read without manhandling the pages. I destroyed thousands of dollars worth of value in baseball cards when I was a kid because I didn't understand the concept of "it's almost worthless unless it is mint".


Lastly, if you really just want someone to pick out stories, I haven't bought in a couple years so I don't know the current runs, but "Civil War" might be cool (because he could get all the Marvel heros in one book). I liked "all star batman & robin" and "all star superman" a lot. And I was going to work out a deal with this guy to trade records for comics but just got lazy doing the research on them. A lot of them would be good because they are decent sized runs that start with #1 (after a reboot, obviously not Captain America #1 from the 30s):



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Back in the mid 2000's when I was collecting comics I was addicted to Fables.  These take Fairy Tale characters and just have just put a modern adult spin on the whole thing.


Also there is a bit of a controversy because ABCs Once Upon a Time, ripped of Fables.


I loved Marvel books, but Marvel is overwhelming, to many stories involve all the books while fun gets to expensive.  Civil War was the last major event I read of marvel.

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Thanks Lebowski. I ended up with TMNT Micro-Series 1 - 4, which had a story per character. There was actually a whole slew of shit for a younger kid, including some rad Star Wars art but I picked the Turtles since my first comics were the original TMNT series way back when. 


Nostalgia won. 

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Cool. I never read turtles but I loved the TV show. Pretty well known fact the original books were pretty dark. Not sure if this is what you bought. But I doubt it would too much for a 10 year old.


I started on the original. I didn't get those though, I got this new series on a different imprint.  




People seem to like them and the art style is very similar to the original. So I feel like I'm getting I'm getting him something true to what I started on, but updated a bit. It's not too dark for his age, but not a kids comic either, which is what I wanted. Didn't want to get him the McDuck or Sonic the Hedgehog shit, you know.

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Watchmen is awesome. So much detail in there that isn't in the movie. Thought I read somewhere that they were making a movie based on the "golden age" characters in that book? Like a prequel?


I read V for Vendetta too. That movie and book are SO similar it kinda felt like a waste of time. Not enough different to justify the time.

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