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Any comic book readers?

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Knightfall is good. If you really want to start with Batman I would recommend Batman Year One or The Dark Knight Returns. If you want a big Batman story No Man's land is awesome. If you just want to read something really good Preacher, Sandman or Y the last man are excellent starter books.

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Yeah, with comics, there is no perfect starting point. You can read the original #1s in trade paperbacks, but those books are pretty "corny" or "kiddy".


The best route in my opinion is to find an artist/writer that you like, and track down their runs. Alan Moore / Frank Miller / etc are pretty well known because of their ties to movies and their books are expensive but others like Jim Lee, Ed Brubaker, Alex Ross, make comics that are just as good.


Another good option would be to subscribe to Wizard Magazine. It's a pretty cool read and will keep you very well informed on industry trends, upcoming runs, and just everything comics and collectibles. The only downside is that if you are short on time, you might read Wizard and not have time for the comics. But even in that case, you will be very knowledgeable about what is going on in the comic book world.

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A lot of what gets adults back into comics is nostalgia though.  Most kids grew up reading X-Men or Batman and as an adult want to go back relive some of the joy of their childhood. 


Independent books are able to get further out there and have some of the top notch titles, but none of those books will be able to compare to the fun of reading X-Men.  I still can remember reading the Age of Apocolypse books or the Phalanx Covenant.

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Um...best comic advice for noobs would be to read good comics, not Marvel or DC.  Image and Vertigo make sooooo many good books: Fables, Chew, Walking Dead, Invincible, Y: The Last Man, Saga.....


I disagree, Marvel has awesome writers and artists. I do like some indie comics like Chew and walking dead. But the classic superheroes is where it's at.

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Marvel has some great writers for sure! To briefly name drop a few friends: Cullun Bunn & Sam Humphries are both up and coming Marvel writers that everyone should watch out for.  If you are new reader and want to read classic characters try the Ultimate books, great authors writing your favorite characters with out a big confusing history.

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My brother just got rid of his books a few months back and got about $700 for them.  He started a few issues before me and had the first appearance of Michonne.  I figure I'll be able to get bare minimum $400.  Heck the 1st appearance of the Governor goes for about $125 and I have a double of that. 


I am reasonably sure that I have the first few issues of the Chew series but am having trouble tracking them down.

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I had 1 through 50 plus an extra number 1 that was the rare one. It's crazy what some of these are going for. It's like Amazing Spider-Man 700.



Amazing 700 will sell for $8, maybe less within a year. Smart of them to double the price on a comic they know is going to be a hot one just because it ends in 00. There are 250k first prints...



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