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Good Documentaries?

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there was an awesome thread on here quite awhile ago for documentaries I couldn't find it though.

King of kong is good you can find that on youtube.

someone mentioned in the previous thread a doc that was about this whole underground city in the abandoned subway stations/sewers in new york filmed in black & white. but I can't remember what it was called The trailer looked good

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if youre into sports, you should check out just about any of espn's 30 for 30 specials

definitely. I especially like "the two escobars", about the drug lord and the colombian soccer player.

Also, if you are interested in military stuff at all, "The tillman story" was really interesting, and "Restrepo", it's about army dudes in afghanistan, and barroom hero plays in the credits lol

I love documantires though, here are some other recommendations:

"Man on Wire" (incredible story about dude who tight-rope walked between the world trade towers"

"the Future is Unwritten" (joe strummer, duh)

"an inconvenient truth" (global warming, best thing al gore was involved in since creating the internet)

"religulous" (bill maher documentary about religion)

"grizzly man" (nutjob who lived with bears)

"the cove" (awesome shit about dolphins, almost made me go vegetarian)

"the fog of war" (inside look at decisions made in war)

"food, inc" (fucked up corporate america food companies)

"spellbound" (hilarious look at spelling bees)

"who killed the electric car" (frustrating look at car companies' greed)

"lost in la mancha" (if you like terry gilliam check this out)

"bigger, stronger, faster" (interesting look at steroid use in america)

"tyson" (surprisingly interesting look at mike tyson's story)

"dogtown and z boys" (skateboard and surfing in the 70's, what's not to like"

"cocaine cowboys" (80's miami crazy shit)

"hearts of darkness" (if you like the movie "apocalypse now", definitely check this out, talks about how incredibly crazy and fucked up making that movie was"

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a documentary about a dude with aspurgers and a hermaphrodite that are both obsessed with the singer tiffany. they show off their collections, explain their obsessions, and even attend a concert. it's fucking brilliant.


as said above, a great documentary about getting the worlds highest score in donkey kong. a lot more interesting than it sounds.


a little black and white film documenting post punk and post hardcore in the 90s, mostly bands from washington state.


though possibly a hoax, this documentary is still great.

it follows a camera man who's been documenting local street artists and their graffiti, he runs into many big names in the scene and eventually follows around Banksy himself. Banksy also directed and Edited this film.


the story of an overbearing mother and her daughter who have some very strange ways of existing.

they rarely leave their poorly maintained, junk filled home.

they make their own clothes, and fight all the time.

it's fascinating to watch these two in their own habitat, and morbidly amusing.

this documentary was remade not to long ago as a fictional hollywood film with real actresses, but the title was kept, so try and find the original documentary and not the drew berrymore thing.

i have a few more i wanted to share, but i don't want to take up too much space here.

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downloaded exit through the gift shop about a month ago, and just havent gotten to it yet.

the woodstock doc. is necessary. a 4 hour film covering everything that went down with kickass performances along the way.

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Backed, this is the first thing I was gonna suggest, the Addendum is good too. Watch Jesus Camp and For The Bible Told Me So if you want really pissed off. I'm cool with God but fuck I hated so many people in those documentaries.

Also Food Inc and Earthlings. Earthlings is kinda bleeding heart animal rights stuff so you may not dig it if you don't care to know about that but it's still "interesting" (Subjectively. It's pretty damn horrifying to me) to see how a lot of animal based food, entertainment, research and fashion industries work.

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Now this is a thread I can dig.


Maysles: Salesman, Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens

Kopple: Harlan County USA, American Dream, Wild Man Blues (I'll leave off more recent stuff as it's a conflict of interest)

Bill Jersey: A Time For Burning (The film that made me determined to make these things myself)

Morgan/Burstein: On The Ropes, Kid Stays in the Picture

Kartemquin: Hoop Dreams, Stevie (soooo underrated)

Errol Morris: Mr. Death, Fast Cheap & Out of Control, Vernon, Florida

Pennebaker: Dont Look Back


Times of Harvey Milk

Hearts & Minds

Marjoe (Possibly the best academy award winning doc that 10 people have heard of)

This Year:

Loved Gasland and Restrepo.

I'll stop. I could do this for hours. PM me if you really need more.

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Some of these have been mentioned, some have not. My favorites:

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Born Into Brothels


Deliver Us From Evil

Jesus Camp

King of Kong

Street Fight

This Film Is Not Yet Rated

Vernon, Florida

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices

When The Levees Broke

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Awesome... this is a sweet list. I'll definitely check out a bunch of these. There's sooooo many great investigative documentaries out there, and even though I always get kinda depressed after watching them, I find them infinitely fascinating. Thanks for the recommendations ladies and gents!

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