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Albums That Should Be Pressed on Vinyl

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9 hours ago, dawhizz said:

Who’s going to put out the 10th anniversary first vinyl pressing of “Razia’s Shadow” this year?

Please please please. I listened to it for the first time in a long time last year and for me I don't think it holds up as well as it once did, but it was a really cool concept pretty well executed. I'd love to see this on vinyl

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On 3/13/2018 at 1:45 PM, danyc said:

Don't be embarrassed. You like what you like and who gives a shit otherwise. I'd happily buy that as well. Fear could use a repress also. Coil also was never pressed to vinyl. Also these were put out under the Sony umbrella, so probably not easy for the band to repress these on their own, without paying through the nose.

That's the issue. I remember reading somewhere that Glen said it was the reason they haven't been reissued. I have an original and paid a lot for it. I don't have fear and would love to see it reissued.  I like Toad the Wet Sprocket and I'm not embarrassed to admit that. Something's Always Wrong is an amazing song.

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Along with Fear I'd love to see the following albums either reissued or pressed for the first time.


Yet to be pressed:

John Mellencamp - Human Wheels, Dance Naked, Mr. Happy Go Lucky, Rough Harvest, Cuttin Heads, Freedom's Road, Life Death Live and Freedom

Seether - One Cold Night 


Need to be reissued:

Alice in Chains - Facelift

Ozzy Osbourne  - Ozzmosis (I have an original but its pretty noisy)



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On 9/30/2013 at 8:05 AM, thesecrets0308 said:

Clutch - S/T (US Pressing or UK reissue)

40 Below Summer - ALL, particularly Invitation to the Dance and The Mourning After

Agents of Oblivion - S/T

Finger Eleven - Tip and The Greyest of Blue Skies

Goldfinger - S/T

Our Lady Peace – ALL albums (UPDATED: Just need Happiness... now)

Powerman 5000 – Mega!! Kung Fu Radio and Tonight the Stars Revolt

Rollins Band – Weight

Sinch – S/T and Clearing the Channel

Taproot – ALL, particularly Gift

Staind – ALL, particularly Dysfunction

Trivium – Ascendency

Static-X – Wisconsin Death Trip and Machine

Killswitch Engage – Alive or Just Breathing

The Crystal Method – Vegas (Reissue)

BT – These Hopeful Machines

Flaw – Through the Eyes and Endangered Species

Lifer – S/T

Chris Cornell – Euphoria Morning

(Hed) P.E. – S/T

Ill Nino – Revolution, Revolucion and Confession

Reveille – Laced and Bleed the Sky

Local H – As Good As Dead and Pack Up the Cats (UPDATED: Just need PUTC now)

Breaking Benjamin – Saturate, We Are Not Alone and Phobia


and last but not least, a reiteration of The Bled - Pass the Flask

Many of these are still sadly waiting for some vinyl love.  Reissue or first pressing.  Listening to Finger Eleven's Tip this morning, such an underrated album.

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I asked Scott about a year ago if we would see a Pack Up the Cats vinyl release, and he said yes. Turns 20 this year, so I'm sure it'll be out before the end of the year. Would be really cool if they toured the album like they did for As Good As Dead; I saw Local H for the first time on the "6 Angry Records Tour" where they pulled a record out of a hat and played it straight through, and I got PUTC. That album just rips when they do it live.

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New Found Glory - Catalyst

New Found Glory - Coming Home


Escape The Fate - Dying Is Your Latest Fashion


Fenix*TX - Fenix*TX


Hawthorne Heights - Fragile Future


Lucky Boys Confusion - Throwing The Game

Lucky Boys Confusion - Commitment




Simple Plan - Still Not Getting Any...

Simple Plan - Get Your Heart On


Sum 41 - Underclass Hero


The Summer Set - Love Like This

The Summer Set - Stories For Monday

The Years Gone By - Forever Comes Too Soon


We Came As Romans - Tracing Back Roots

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Powerman 5000 - Mega! Kung Fu Radio

Sinch - Self-titled and Clearing the Channel (these guys are sooooo under-rated)

Our Lady Peace - Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch

Relative Ash - Our Time With You

Reveille - Laced and Bleed the Sky

Staind - Dysfunction (this is such a great album, don't care much for anything they did beyond it)

System of a Down - ALL ALBUMS

Local H - Pack Up the Cats

Lifer - Self-titled (one and only album by this band and it's a great one imo, would buy this in a heartbeat)

Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual (a PROPER pressing, the reissue done some years ago was god awful, OG pressing still the only thing worth owning)

Ill Nino - Revolution Revolucion (kick ass nu metal album, the sophomore follow-up Confession was pretty good, but everything after has been crap imo)

Hum - Downward Is Heavenward (Matt Talbot from the band has his own label and was supposedly reissuing this but haven't heard a word in almost 2 years)

Flaw - Through The Eyes and Endangered Species (both incredible albums.  i know for sure Through The Eyes would sell like hotcakes.  never been pressed)

Finger Eleven - Tip and The Greyest of Blue Skies

Clutch - Self-titled

Chevelle - Point #1, Hats Off To The Bull, Vena Sera, Sci-Fi Crimes, and La Gargola

Breaking Benjamin -  Saturate, We Are Not Alone, and Phobia

Boy Hits Car - Self-titled

Alice in Chains - Self-titled

36 Crazyfists - A Snow-capped Romance and Rest Inside the Flames


My wishlist is getting smaller, so that's progress i suppose!

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