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new tattoo appresh

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so after spending 20min trying to find the old tattoo thread i gave up.

new additions to the star wars leg sleeve!



around my ankel, got the line work done so this'll have to be done next sitting


yoda, totally done and awesome


tie fighters. got 3 of them and the biggest one got shaded, the other two will be done next sitting.

5 hours was fun but i had to quit, it was killing me inside. next up is shading in all the line work and doing all the background.

thumbs up all the way

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counterfiction, that is from that Florian piece, correct? Either way, it looks rad so far.

yeah, my tattoo artist HATES me for bringing that in.

today's session was to outline the bottom half.

second session in three weeks for the top half.

a touch up session for the outline.

two sessions to finish all of the shading.

i may have this done by early June. HA!

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