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new tattoo appresh

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On 1/22/2018 at 10:32 PM, piky0032 said:

Just got blasted by Sam Kane at Ocean Ink, Miranda in Sydney......He is pretty well known for his sick sharks and these theme skulls




Pretty stoked with it


Cant sort out the link

Looks great! I love Sam Kane.  If I ever have money I'm going to Australia just for tattoos.

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Sat at a convention today in Melbourne "Rites of Passage" was very interesting to sit with crowds of people walking past, it was distracting and really fun


Got this just below the knee.....Cheeky Bommy Knocker hahaha



Having fun with this artist, have a couple in the same style/colour scheme now and definitely getting more.....he's a Legend

@Tattoosbycharlos on insta

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