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The Devil Wears Prada- Zombie EP


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I ended up picking up an Outbreak variant.  Was going to get the Hopeless based on the image, but then read the description being silver with green and black splatter, whereas the image was more of a merge with splatter.  Anyway, I think the Augment variant is my favorite, but didn't catch that one in time.

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Jeremy, Jon, and Kyle are doing an Instagram live right now. Here's the most interesting parts mentioned:

  • They wrote Zombie 2 before they wrote The Act but they didn't really like the way it was going so it was tabled.
  • Jeremy said Space 2 will definitely happen. He was really enthusiastic so I assume he must like that EP a lot.
  • There are some cleans from Jeremy on Z2 but not a lot because as the band said and he reiterated, it's really heavy.
  • They've started writing the next album. Jeremy said they haven't been touring so that's been part of their time but they also never stop writing.
  • At least 1 music video will be released but no promises on others for Z2.
  • Forlorn is his favorite song on Z2
  • It sounds to me like Prada Pod won't come back (a bummer for me) and instead they will be using Twitch in the future.
  • Someone asked if The Act will be repressed and he said they probably need to because of how many copies Z2 sold. My guess is Solid State will get around to it when there's enough demand to sell at least half of them once they go up for sale.
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