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The Devil Wears Prada- Zombie EP


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31 minutes ago, jmj40 said:

Not sure if it is okay to ask here.. but is anyone willing to part with their preorders of ZII 2nd press (Rot/Infection/Strain/Augment/Cessation)? I missed out on those ones for my collection

You might be better off making a post on the Sale/Trade/Wants board. 



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5 hours ago, tmfa80 said:

Both, green smoke and red smoke ordered from EMP landed today in perfect condition. Only played the green smoke but sounds awesome!

Got the green smoke as well, but also a copy of the silver splatter which seems to be holding up the order.
Excited to have them hopefully soon though, and very glad to hear the sound quality is there!



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VC has an auto correct to get rid of the word Vinyl - s but they used that every single time.


"as mentioned before via our social media channels the shipping of some Devil Wears Prada records is delayed, mainly Splatter and silver vinyl. All splatter vinyl and the Fried Egg version are pressed with a new machine which takes longer than expected. This delayed the complete pressing.

We called the press plant again today and agreed that the next delivery would be sent to us on Monday. If everything works as planed, we will get the missing Clear/Green Splatter, Clear/Purple Splatter and Silver vinyl. The remaining vinyl will be shipped within the next 6 weeks to our office.

We will ship everything as fast as possible. Please be patient! Sorry again for the delay... this is beyond our control. Dealing with vinyl press plants is not easy these days... they are all overbooked and we still have covid.

Don't worry the production issues does not affect the vinyl quality... expect great vinyl! Splatter and fried egg will have 180gr vinyl while smoke and full folours will have 140gr vinyl. They all have a great qualitiy and sound. We pressed this record as 12" on 45RPM on 2 sides for getting the best possible sound.

Thanks for your order and your support!

best wishes

DS Family Crew"

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On 6/11/2021 at 4:33 PM, N8TRU said:

ZII is now delayed to August 31. Merchnow sent out a notice but MerchConnection didn't feel like telling anyone, so here ya go.

Not surprising, but at the same time, frustrating.  I wish pre-orders would just not be a thing, don't sell until it's in stock lol.

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Merch Connection sent out an email today, which actually says mid-August. I'm keeping my expectations low and thinking I'll have it in hand come September.

"Hello, you are receiving this email because you made a purchase from The Devil Wears Prada's Zombie II Undeadstream store.

We are notifying all buyers with a shipping update at this time. Please use this email as reference as to when your order will ship. We do not have a way of expediting any one order, or shipping music items before they arrive to us. Thank you for your understanding.

These are now shipping, and will continue to ship over the course of the next week. Many of you have already received your merch items or tracking numbers. For those that have not yet received theirs, please note that your tracking will be delivered to you via email automatically as soon as your order ships.

These orders will ship once the CDs arrive to our warehouse. We are expecting them to arrive next week from the record label. If your order contains a combination of merch items and a CD, it will all ship together once the CDs arrive to us. Tracking will be delivered automatically as soon as your order ships.

These orders will ship in mid August once the vinyl arrives to us. Mid August is the record label's most recent update to us on these items. If your order contains a combination of merch items and vinyl, it will all ship together once the vinyl arrives to us. Tracking will be delivered automatically via email as soon as your order ships.

Some buyers have emailed us with updated shipping addresses. Thank you for doing that. If you still need to update or change your shipping address, you can do so by emailing us your order number and new address at:
[email protected]

Thank you for watching the ZII Undeadstream, and we look forward to delivering your items to you as described above."

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I had the bad (good?) idea of snagging a Dead Throne splatter w/ my Z1 order and combo'ing on the shipping.

But.... now the rest of my order is pressed and waiting for that Dead Throne... sigh.


Also these are showing up online.   ZII - "Strain" variant.


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