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The Devil Wears Prada- Zombie EP

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Looks like this may be getting a repress...    https://www.facebook.com/989543584475065/posts/3691171870978876/

Damn dude, I cant help but want that "hopless" colorway. But at the same time I am not going to keep shelling out $35 shipped for yet another copy of the same 10" I haven't even heard yet! :'D 

Someone put it up! 

9 minutes ago, [Banned User] said:

Did anyone order one of the ZII pressing bundles and have it shipped yet? I had a copy of the 3rd pressing shipped and delivered but no email for my bundle. Sent an email to customer service.

A friend of mine ordered the apocalypse 1st press and so did I. Mine came last week. His hasn't even shipped. We both ordered from MerchConnectionInc around the same time and live 30 minutes apart. I told him he should probably send customer service an email, but I don't know if he's heard anything.

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10 minutes ago, N8TRU said:

Last I heard for the Z1 fried egg variant is they 'should' have arrived by the end of August and shipped asap but I haven't heard anything else. The backup at plants is real.

Yeah dude, I really wish economic forces weren't always the end all be all.
Like I get why running a pre-order is obviously in the company's best interest, but it makes things like this an inevitability. 


My order had a variant they are still waiting on so I have yet to receive a single box in the mail from them six months later. 😕

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