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This was mentioned in some other thread to have a thread like this. I've sold a bunch here already so I figured I'd mention my good luck thus far.

robotnerd - a good friend outside of the internet, and bought a bunch of my stuff

hickey - drove pretty far and took a ton of records off my hands, stand up guy

kjm23 - traded one LP for another. best packaged LP I've ever gotten

matt - bought 2 records off of me, paid fast

xfedaykinx - bought a bunch of my 7"s, easy to deal with, fast payment

conoley - super nice guy, bought a ton of my stuff, a pleasure, sent me my stuff!

burntwolf - very thorough, sweet dude

roadmonkey - paid very quickly

classwar13 - bought something off of him on ebay, super fast, super awesome

matt - sweeeeeeet

altarsofradness - awesome dude to trade with!

cadetapplesauce - swweeeet, super fast!

MRC - Hooked a brotha' up! super fast!

vinylme - AWESOME DUDE!!!

amsterdamned - bought something off him on ebay, solid.

jhulud - bought stuff off of me promptly

adambomb - good times

coldober - solid guy

joeybu83 - awesome trade!

chrisnorman - super fast and good communication!

discoblackout - super aussie!

sgoodcore - best dude ever

falloutcollapse - quality new collector!

ronniethebear - positive!

steveontheradio - super awesome, great trades!

lokiethelion - super trade!

oakland - bought something off of him, went well!

memoryloss - great trade!

ewokdeath - paid very fast!

brady - also paid fast! good dude!

ericxthexred - bought some posters off of him, super awesome

john - really awesome trade, super fast!

I figured people could post who they've had good dealings with here, to make other comfortable with making other deals.

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Thanks for the words Benchwarmer, I always try and send out they way I would like to receive them. I have started a list in my signature that lists who I completed deals with so far.


of course, you haven't gotten mine yet? weird, I sent it before you sent mine.

Yeah have not gotten it yet, that's Media Mail for ya. Will let you know when I do though.


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aww shucks.

traded/sold/bought from



hickey (if its who i think it is)


and pretty much anyone else who's from the nofxwiki board

all good people.

never traded with robotnerd, but hes a good dude regardless.

Yeah, I'm who you think I am. Flood and Benchwarmer are great. I sold to Faith once and she was great too.

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benchwarmer & ps = good

re: packaging, do you guys always take the inner sleeve and record out of the jacket to ship? i usually don't and have never heard of a problem w/ seam splits, but sometimes i've had people specifically request they be packaged this way. i've rarely, if ever, had an LP shipped to me this way either.

i usually recycle LP mailers i have lying around, or if i'm out, i have a stack of new ones for LPs and 7 inches, which i usually save for international shipments. or for domestic USPS Priority shipments, I've used a large Priority box folded flat.

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I prefer sandwiching the LP's between 2 thick cardboard pieces larger than the record itself, taping everything but no tape on the records, just taping both cardboard pieces together with the record inside

and put all of that in a large bubble mailer, fits just right. Might not be easy to recycle but at least the LP(s) is(are) definitely safe like that.

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i bid on a copy of the "monsters always scream" 10" on ebay after he told the drag the river message board he wanted to unload it -- but i lost. i guess he had another copy, because he emailed me to see if i was still interested. he threw in a copy of armchair martian's s/t lp as well, all for 50 american dollars (including shipping to canada). he was kind enough to wait a few days until after the first (when i got paid) and then a couple of MORE days when i forgot to paypal it to him because of the Canada Day long weekend. i haven't even gotten the package yet, but he's been perfectly accomodating so far.

not to mention that i'm really f**king happy to be getting a hold of those records!

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