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$620 bones for M&TIS... sweeeeeet jesus that could use a repress. Maybe next time they'll make it look a little more like the original CD release. 4xLP; two on light blue and two on light pink vinyl would be much cooler than 3 records on black.

might be $620 because it was numbered #33. not only cause its a low number, but there's a song on the actual record called 33.

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guess i should double check before i type.

last i checked (which was probably over a year ago) they all seemed to be going around $40, and i felt glad to have gotten mine so cheap.

it was mint too, and more or less still is aside from a few dozen spins.


just looked at ebay and damn.

there is a used buy it now for $50, the rest are super high.

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Knowing that this this is being re-issued for what would probably be no more than $25 makes it sort of redundant to scout an original copy and especially if it's packaged with Machina II - even if that brings it up to nearly $40, it's still half as cheap getting both in two years time than getting one of them now. I can keep warm with the cd's until then.

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he wanted machina 1 and 2 to be a 2 disc album like MCIS was, but virgin said no way, because adore sold so poorly, and they didn't feel the machina material was strong enough to sell the way MCIS did.

they were right, and no money was wasted.

the only thing that sucks about that is we are left with all this great machina 2 material, but it's all unmastered and poorly produced, chock full of clipping and unlistenable walls of guitar.

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If I'm reading well, Siamese Dream is a single LP. Will just keep my OG copy then, which sounds amazing.

Hopefully, Mellon Collie will be a 3xLP at least.

Agreed.. I don't have an original, but I have a 2xLP orange marble version that sounds great.

I am impressed though with the offerings here.. high-res digital downloads or FLAC downloads, plus the cd/dvd combos are fairly priced and look well put together. extremely tempting-- only wish they were coming out at different times..

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I came here to post that the official site had preorders up and that Siamese Dream appears to be a single LP...but I'm late to the party!

I can't imagine that they went through all of the effort of remastering Siamese Dream and then smashed it into one disc. It's also $5 more than Gish...

edit: just got a reply on twitter as well. From @sprecordclub: @momrecords we got a few typos - yes it is double vinyl

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hah, i came here to post about the .com update too.

1x siamese dream?

what a waste of a remaster.


i can only assume this is a mistake, look at the prices.

check the post above. @sprc said it was a mistake, as well as "snail" missing from the gish track listing. SD will be a double LP like the original.

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Actually glad that the vinyl editions don't include the bonus stuff. For vinyl is about the artist's "original intended experience." Any word on how limited these are? Kind of want to wait to order until I can hear the remasters. I own both the OG pressings for these.

Billy said he never thought Siamese Dream would sound as good as it did when they first played it back in the studio. After he listened to the remasters, he said he was excited about people hearing what he first heard in the record. Both albums are almost twenty years old, and they're analog remasters. It's bound to sound amazing.

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Actually glad that the vinyl editions don't include the bonus stuff. For vinyl is about the artist's "original intended experience."

Agreed 100%. B-Sides and demos are more of an archival thing to me don't need to be pressed on LP. My ideal box set for something like this would be the regular remastered album (2 LP 45 RPM) and CDs of the album and bonus stuff.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to this.

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