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Yo how do you take pictures this cool

glad you like it! I placed the records on white poster boards I have, put em in natural light, iPhone 5, adjust colors and tones in Lightroom. sometimes apps like Snapseed will do just fine as well. But, natural light has been key for getting the best white balance and exposure. Feel free to send the 2nd press for new shots :)

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They don't run hot enough to melt a record, that's for sure.


Looks to me that the records were laid out on white background paper and shot with a strobe from the top, slightly over the records.


white background yes, but the light came from the sky. best light there is. I've used my DSLR and flash setup before, but the iPhone has turned out to be much easier and straightforward with great results.

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yes it's my record label. well half mine anyway.


I'm happy to hear about this.  Do you have an ETA at all?  If not (or if you can't say just yet), can you possibly remember to post in this topic when the 2nd press PO is order link is live?  I am subscribed to this topic so I'll see it... I don't get to check the board much anymore because work is so crazy lately which is how I missed the first one and I'm really kicking myself for it.  


Thanks so much!

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The records will be getting to us within the next 2-3 weeks. Like the first pressing, we'll put it up for sale once we have the records in hand, so probably around the third week of September. Here's the pressing info:
White w/ Blue Splatter – 500 units – available in the Bad Timing Records webstore
Solid White – 500 units – available exclusively via Hot Topic

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