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HWM - The Fire 7" Pressing Differences

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Most likely due to a pressing plant snafu, the 1st Press Electric Blue (No Idea exclusive /200) and 2nd Press Coke Bottle Clear (lots more pressed) look virtually indistinguishable. They are shown below - the 1st press is on the left and 2nd press is on the right. However, the meganerds might be able to tell apart the different pressing by looking at the matrix numbers. This is what i noted for my records:

1st Presses: electric blue (No Idea: /200), sea blue (Chunksaah: /300), red/silver (HWM: /500), white (Euro Tour: /1000)

Side A - 94019H1/A

Side B - 94019H2/A

2nd Presses: blue splatter (HWM: /200) and coke bottle clear (Retail: /~1000ish maybe)

Side A - 94019H1/B

Side B - 94019H2/A

3rd Press: chocolate Brown (Retail: />500 - No Idea got 524 copies from HWM and they are also selling them too)

Side A - 94019H1/B

Side B - 94019H2/C

Does this hold for other people's copies too? Also, for what it's worth, the labels of the 3rd press appear darker - more brown than gray.


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