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seeking web developer

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Anyone good with HTML and web design?

I am looking for someone to help me launch my web site. I have all the graphics and notes needed and I am willing to pay you for your time. It is pretty basic, but I'm no designer so I'm looking for help. If you need more info, e-mail me at [email protected]

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Damn I used to be pretty good at this kind of stuff but I don't think I could commit to this. Good luck finding someone, and if you even have a moderate amount of time, hands-on learning is a great way to learn web design. If you keep doing it you can be amazing in a relatively short amount of time.

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We have a couple developers on here, correct?


I'm looking for a bit of advice for people familiar jQuery and stuff like Angular, Node or similar JS stuff. More specifically, I'm wondering if the UX/UI I have in mind can be built with just HTML/CSS/AJAX/jQuery or if I need something else and if so, what the right combination of tools might be. 


Shoot me a PM or we can continue it right here if you like. 

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this is hilarious that you bumped this.   I hit up Tim after he made this post and we've been really good friends ever since I started helping him way back when.


I can help you out if you want.  I do both front and back development, and really specialize in wordpress theme and plugin development ( i swear by wordpress).   I also do some work in angular and obviously can make buildings shake with jquery and ajax..........


Whats up!

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