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Alright here is the Deal. If you know me, READ!


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Over the past couple months now, I have been dealing with some shit at home. Signed my girls well ex girls name off the lease due to her having a child from a previous relationship and didnt want to be proven she lived with someone else without being married. Anyways, besides the point later on she decided to move out out of nowhere and I am stuck in the apt I can barely afford, Things are getting better since this second job I took on. She packed her shit moved out without any sort of notice. My lease will not let me break it until April. If I have forgot your order or somehow your order has not got there, Let me know now. I have a day off tomorrow and have made great money this week so I will pack everything up in every box/ mailer I can find and send it out to you immediately. With a tracking number tomorrow.

My Stress, and personal life should not have came between the deals I have made here. I love this place and alot of the people here. I used to have a good rep. And now my life and this seems to be just turning to shit. I do feel as if things are getting better with the extra money I have been making this week.

Im sorry to all of those who I have let down. My intentions were never to rip anyone off. I became overwhelmed and stressed out and other bullshit.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GOT FROM ME, and where it needs to go so i can send out tomorrow.

Like I said, I love this place and have made alot of friends here. I am truly sorry to those who have had to suffer due to the rough patch in my life at the moment. I want to fix it and will do everything I can to do so.



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Locked the two complaint threads. Hopefully and seemingly, all is pointing towards resolution.

Adam...good to see that you're stepping up and taking care of things...it does suck about what you've been going through. Sounds like you're pulling through OK and getting everything back in order.

Keep POSI dude.

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As someone who does a tiny bit of trading/selling/buying. Keep track of your shit better dude. Anything that is done through paypal can have a tracking number traded. Go to the post office, send your shit off (ALWAYS use a tracking number) and when you get home, spend ten minutes and log that shit in. If you're trading, PM the tracking number when you get home and demand a tracking number from other person. This shit is simple, it should never have gotten to this point, especially when I'm almost sure you had a thread about missing tracking numbers a few months ago.

Sorry to hear about your old lady, fuck bitches. Send out your records, realize priorities and move on and be glad you don't have a little shit running around using up record funds...

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You being a rampant asshole just didn't make sense. THIS does.

Bitches be crazy dude. I had a similar thing happen recently, but it wasn't as extreme. I feel for you. Hopefully this new year will be better to you and your new endeavors work out.

*knocks on wood* (just in case)

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Don't know you but I saw those two complaint threads and I hate to see people getting shat on regardless of what happened (unless those said people getting shat on are genuinely terrible, like Hitler) Sorry about all the girl stuff, as a female I can vouch for us being pretty terrible at times.

Anyway, you should probably spin The Upsides. Always makes people feel better, unless of course you don't like TWY.

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