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Blowout vinyl at GoHastings

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I just got my first order from GoHastings on Monday.  They lived up to their reputation on poor shipping practices.  The record came in what appeared to be a reused bubble mailer.  Record sleeve was pretty gnarled, but it was a clearance rack $4 record so it's not like I'm going to complain.


I know some folks have had some issues with their shipping, but I've had 8 or 9 things show up in perfect condition.  Some of my records have showed up in some pretty makeshift mailers, but they've all been pretty sturdy.  Kind of luck of the draw I guess.


As much as I want to browse through the selection, I'm pretty wiped out too.  Luckily for my wallet, the Boards of Canada reissues aren't on sale.  I would have gladly picked those up and lived off beans and rice for a week! :D

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shipping for 2 records was only $2


lol this.  There is no better deal online right now for shipping than this, aside from Amazon Prime.  Pretty sure Hastings is losing money on some stuff due to how ridiculously low their rates are.  Heck, I ordered four books from them the other day and it was $0.96 for the entire order.  And those are likely to all come from separate locations.

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Got 5 lp's for under $18! Another $5 for shipping. Pretty happy. Gambled on some unknowns...

Beth orton - sugaring season (gift)

dispatch - circles round the sun (I have bang bang bang soo excited to play this)

angie stone - stone love

Kelly hogan - I like to keep myself in pain

Smoke n jackel - ep #1 (kol's bassist & others)

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Ordered a clearance record from them last week and it arrived in a big box on top of crumpled paper. Dinged up corners. I'm leery about ordering from them again. 


I've ordered a number of things over the last year from them and had no shipping problems until I ordered a clearance record recently.

Same exact story as this guy.

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