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Poll question for everyone who got the Vault #22 package:


Since the discs came shipped outside of those nice velvety jackets, and if you decided to store the discs inside them (it's nice that they fit the paper sleeves too), which color disc did you put in which color sleeve?


Here's how I did it:


Disc 1 (Blue)    ->   White Sleeve

Disc 2 (White)  ->   Black Sleeve

Disc 3 (Black)  ->   Blue Sleeve


My rationale: I matched the disc color with the color of the inside of the sleeves. If you notice, the inside of the white sleeve is blue, the inside of the black sleeve is white, and the inside of the blue sleeve is black. I thought that was a neat little feature, so I went with that.

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Shh he's excited about his first vault experience


I actually deleted the last paragraph of my post before posting it saying I knew I'd get a response like that. It was just a question to add to the conversation. You sassy VC folk never let me down. 


Also, started the vault with Lazaretto, which is fine for me considering I'd only actually care to own like 3 of the previous 19. I don't even care for #21 honestly.


But yeah, kind of excited to finally own a vinyl release of a live album I was in attendance for. Happens to be a sweet fucking release too. Thanks for the chastisement.

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I was referring to a vinyl rip that someone might have uploaded to YouTube with a cool pic of Ted hanging out with Paul F. Tompkins or something, but totally reasonable that you thought I meant a live fan video since YouTube is a video service.  Not worth debating the details.  I appreciate the help and I got what you were saying!  Thanks, dude!

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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I Understand, I'll disable it for this website