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PO: Blink-182 - Enema, S/T, Dude Ranch

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Who cares? This album blows, and at this point, there's 18,000 of them in existence.

i understand rjs a tool. still, i havent requested a refund for my toypaj, doesnt seem like anyones gotten theres anyway and hopefully if these sell out hell have the money to actually press them and ill get this record that i paid for 8 months ago. lmao sounds stupid but im trusting these all finally make it into fruition and get shipped

That is some messed up logic. So he takes the money from these pre-orders to press an album that had a release date of 7 months ago, and then, when he doesnt have money for these albums cause it all went to that, and it goes down the same road as this one, he sets up a pre-order of another album and presses these. Wash Rinse Repeat is not the way to solve this, yet you are buying right into that theory.

The Bear has it right, all of this is just showing the likelihood of another pressing of this coming out down the road.

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Guest deathbydrums

uh, this board was collectively handed over to SRC and RJ. Of course they're going to be in business together and hock this shit to people on the boards. That was the whole point of taking it over.

probably this.^^^

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I have a response from SRC. It is an MTS pressing. I'll probably keep the email private since this stuff get so out of hand. In a polite letter I told them I'm boycotting MTS until TOYPAJ was resolved and they had no problem writing me a well considered response. They plan to list it as an MTS release and the exclusivity of the distro was agreed upon before the TOYPAJ business dragged out the way it has (My Words).

Take it for what it's worth but I've always had an honest back and forth with the person I write to there. So I'll give SRC the benefit of the doubt and still say I'm not buying these. It's RJ that needs to correct things with his customers still.

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from what i just read i've concluded that these are re-presses from MTS and the reason they are on SRC is because of MTS's reputation so they decided to hide behind SRC and pretend it's not them... the profits from this will probably fund the rest of the TOYPAJ and as far as the email goes if you notice that they cut the pressing in half from the original posting well maybe it is possible that those were the real pressing numbers and everyone who ordered TOYPAJ is going to receive one of these blink re-presses with their order

I think you're 100% right. RJ did state in his Jan 25th video update (at 1:12) that they'd be sending a free MTS Blink 182 release before summer 2012 to all those who pre-ordered TOYPAJ. March is definitely before the summer, so it fits the timeline.

Also, from what his Feb 17th update is saying, this will probably be the only version with the 7"s included in this custom gatefold design (which seems to be the main cause of all the delays in the first place).

I'll take a free copy of one of these re-presses, and I'll happily keep waiting for this first, and rather special, edition of TOYPAJ. This album and Enema are what made me fall in love with Blink 182's music, and having them on fancy wax that I can spin and enjoy is awesome. I think MTS does a fantastic job with presentation and their jackets are definitely a higher quality than what I've picked up from Hot Topic (no offense to Travis and the work he's doing. I love those releases, too, but I personally prefer MTS's releases with their thicker stock jackets... though Box Car Racer is certainly an exception. Holy crap the record is gorgeous, I don't even care about the jacket stock.. but I digress).

I totally agree that RJ is being a giant douche nozzle with his lack of updates and shady backdoor business dealings with SRC, and I'm thoroughly unimpressed by his lack of explanation for delays, but I can understand that mistakes happen, plans can be pushed back by unforeseen issues, thwarted by increased costs, and that delays can become lengthy due to all these things coming to a head. There are a lot of elements at play and a lot of back and forth would have to exist for something that's out of the ordinary, like this custom jacket, so it would take longer than a regular release.

That doesn't mean I think it's okay, and RJ should have gone about all of this differently, and it certainly shouldn't be taking this long. But it is, and we can't do much to change it (beyond boycotting his releases, writing nasty things on Facebook and bitching on forums). Either way, I still want a copy of TOYPAJ on vinyl, and I love my other MTS pressings, mostly because of their quality presentation, so I'll wait this one out. Once it comes out, I'll have everything I want from Blink on vinyl, so I won't need to deal with MTS anymore anyway. It's a shame that RJ's shot himself in the foot like this, but that's what happens when you aren't clear, timely and upfront with paying customers.

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^Sorry dude, but opting to give MTS your money to complete your collection makes you part of the problem.

That's like saying 'this hooker gave me great mouthjobs in the past, but now she's all covered in face-aids. After this last mouthjob, that's it for me!'

Vote with your dollars. Dumbass.

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