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hoobastank they sure dont make basketball shorts..

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Hoobstank (hoobastunk) They Sure Dont Make Basketball Shorts Like They Used To.

so i went way back in itunes today and played this.

anyone else dig it at all? if you havent heard it it has a huge horn section in 90% of the songs and im liking it a lot right now.

the song fantasy reminds me of sonic the hedgehog level where your playing in a casino (for all you sega genisis players)

from what i remember this cd was/is stupid expensive (150+)

anyway. thought id share and get others thoughts.

oh and before the hoobastank sucks comments check out this cd....it sure doesnt sound like them now.

that is all

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I remember when I first heard them on KROQ and thought it was just some crappy new Incubus song. That first single sounded identical to Incubus at the time.

Yeah, when I saw "Crawling In The Dark" I remember thinking that they were copying Incubus. With the shirt off and all. It turns out they are good friends.

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Lemme make this post better.

Brand new iodine yfw (what's up with all those copies)

Blink 182 toypaj (what's up with delay?)

J bannon (what's up with the new Jane die print that looks like the rest?)

Jack white tri color (what? You mean you weren't waiting at 6am?)

There I'm feeling more comfortable in this thread already haha

I need some more incubus in my collection.

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this board is officially over.

i don't care if that makes me a snob, but fuck this.


Please close this thread.

I don't know what's funnier, those two comments, or the fact that there IS a Hoobastank msg board with semi-regular posts.

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Thanks for the daily reminders why everyone thinks people who collect vinyl are assholes.

Your little club is gay as fuck.

i dont even...

what part of this got you so worked up?

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