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The Avalanches - Since I Left You Reissue

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3 hours ago, Shlebs said:

I'm listening to the blue US version now and it sounds really fucking good actually. All "surface noise" so far has definitely been there since they made the songs, I think some people are just trying to justify past purchases. :rolleyes:

agreed. my blue sounds leagues better than my black reissue I picked up prior to them announcing it. It's a really nice pressing 

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You're a nut!

sorry for the bump. but if you're a fan of The Avalanches, then you should check out Neat Beats   http://neatbeats.bandcamp.com/

You're all nuts!  Crazy in the coconuts.

I couldn't for the life of me figure out why the redubbed version of Frontier Psychiatrist sounds less noticeable when I'm spinning it myself compared to that video I posted earlier but it just hit me. Whoever recorded the version on youtube had their turntable spinning at like 33rpm or something instead of 33 1/3. I saw that the vid is 17 seconds longer than the 4:38 the actual song is. So comparing cues at 30 second intervals the youtube video was slowly falling behind. There's about 6 seconds of silence at the end of the video but because the record was spinning slower the entire thing just sounds more slightly drawn out than it is. It's still noticeable but not like in the video. Someone tell me I'm wrong because I feel crazy haha.

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I listened to my copy of this last night.  I had only previously heard this album on CD and streaming.  I must say, I was blown away by how good it sounds.  It was a while different experience hearing it on vinyl.  It was only my first time hearing the re-dubbed "Frontier Psychiatrist" and it sounded a little wonky after knowing the other version for so long.  My only gripe is for an album that is retailing $30 to $40 the sleeve is a little flimsy and you think they could have used something better than paper sleeves.  

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3 minutes ago, whoa said:

Just seen there'll be a SILY definitive edition coming out Feb 2018 as a 2xCD/4xLP. 





All about it.  Thanks for the info – definitely in for that x4 LP.

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33 minutes ago, armadillo01 said:

Was thinking about this earlier this morning. Great news; hope the OG samples are back.

I’ll probably end up grabbing it solely for the extra bells and whistles, since this is the Avalanches record nearest and dearest to my heart.  But yeah, OG samples would be a massive get if they can swing it.  Not sure why else this project would’ve vanished off the radar for a year, so... fingers crossed.

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Alright, let's try this one more time.

4LP set from 3-4 years back.  Presumably the same stock that's been locked in a warehouse this entire time while samples were cleared.  Band is teasing that something SILY related is getting announced tomorrow.  One of their IG stories teasing this news actually features the deluxe art in the background, too.  And if that wasn't concrete enough, a 4LP version was briefly available at Rough Trade [here] before getting pulled down.  £59.99.  No word on a US seller yet but I'm sure we'll have options tomorrow morning.


It's gonna' feel really weird having this thing finally exist for purchase.

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3 minutes ago, craigeduk said:

Now i just hope they kept good care of the boxes while they sat in the warehouse for 4 years!

Yeah, I was imagining opening my copy from a fresh mailer and still having to blow some dust off the top edge of it.


So what's the likelihood that this is the original mix?  I find it hard to believe that some remixes would keep this in legal limbo for 4 years.

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4 minutes ago, wuhanclan said:

on their official site it’s $63.99 but after taxes and shipping it’s still $80. hope bullmoose will have some 

Bull Moose will probably have it for cheaper but I’ve been having fulfillment issues with them after they added the “We’ll try to get this for you” on every pre-order they list.

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