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Should SRC be allowed to run this place?


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SRC runs this place, you don't have to agree with management but it doesn't mean they have no rights to run this board. I've disagreed with SRC for months on things but by no means do I think they don't have a right to run a board that they kept from closing after the Virgil fiasco.

In fact, this is the first time they've done something on this board that I've disagreed with. One issue over the course of a year? Not a bad record in my opinion. I hope this can be rectified. I can go on not spending my money at SRC but that doesn't mean I can't say I think they've done a good job with this board up until yesterday.

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Can someone post a link to the terrible vacation board?

Also, what are some of the other established vinyl forums?

If there's 83 votes, why did my vote essentially against shitradiocrap only amount to:

-a 0.1% increase in the stat saying they shouldn't run this place

-a 0.1% decrease in the stat saying they are fine here

If less than 100 people voted, shouldn't my vote count for more than 1%, not 0.1%!! What gives?

I don't know what the count was, but let's say at 83 votes, 75 were one way:

75/83 = .9036

You vote with the majority as vote 76 of 84:

76/84 = .9047

Math, it's your friend when you follow the rules.

Your vote is worth >1% of the total, but the "change in" doesn't move by a whole percent.

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Love the don't care people who still post in the thread. That's exactly why I didn't have the third option, but since they don't care so much, they decided to post instead lol!

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