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PO: Sum 41 - All Killer, No Filler

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this thread definitely upset my stomach...

but since we're friends flood congrats on the extra $$$$ you'll be receiving. just don't pull off a ETR/MTS.

I don't know if Dynamite Hack - Superfast is on vinyl or not, but either way, just release a 7" with Boyz In The Hood on it and it will be all good!

i'll call mark right now and ask. :P it's his shit anyway since he paid for everything. also "Today was a good day" was a much better cover than "boyz in the hood". they hated the fact that that's what made them popular. then they broke up because of it. well actually it was the excessive drugs/pills/alcohol/foosball that probably caused it. man those guys use to party hard. i should have taken pics.

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Suburban Legends too. When is that going to be pressed?

More info on the SL pressing please, best piece of news in the whole thread

edit: found the kickstarter. bummed i missed out on some of those and being able to support it from the start. on the bright side, i think i'm in love with flood.

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so im a noob, but where will we be able to buy these albums at once they get released?

Go to their Facebook page then Info/about or whatever it is, and you'll find a link to their bigcartel store. Alternatively if you googled 'asbestos records bigcartel' it'll probably come up, and they'll post a link to the preorder on their FB when it comes up also.

And isn't nearly every vinyl release of a well-known band simply an easy money grab? Why are people suddenly putting forward that point for this release?

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I guess integrity goes out the window when faced with the possibility of large chunks of cash. Nice to see someone else taking the MTS route.

Flood is good people, and he won't take money until the vinyl is nearly ready, so that automatically makes the MTS comparison inaccurate.

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