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Anberlin Question

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Next time I get out to a bigger store in Tampa or St Pete. (mine are tiny and I already know they don't have it) I'll check if it's around although I probably won't be driving out there at least until mid next month so someone else might have you covered before then.

I would love to own a copy and will take care of you (or whomever might find it) for the favor if you/someone can track it down for a price that's a bit more reasonable than what it goes for when it pops up on ebay.

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For me, this was one of those records that I dismissed when it dropped then when I wanted it, it couldn't be found. I eventually got it off here last year, I'm fairly sure there was a reasonable amount pressed but it rarely pops for sale at a decent price. It's like Sing the Sorrow (AFI) 5,000 were pressed if I remember correctly (i think that number is off) but I could never find it for a reasonable price and I emailed Adeline (who pressed it) and they said it's out there I just have to find it haha. Keep looking, if you haven't yet, try posting in the sale/trades thread, I'm sure someone will give you a good price

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i think they pressed like 9,000 sing the sorrows actually.

Yea, I just checked it was pressed to 10,000! It's amazing this is fairly rare to find at a decent price. I'm sure a "we found a box in the warehouse" sale will pop up. I almost pulled the trigger on this a few times at $50+ then I randomly found it on ebay for 25ppd. This happens to me at least once a year two years ago I snagged a first press of Deja (Brand New) on ebay for 20ppd.

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Yea, I've also been on the hunt for a reasonably priced copy of this and Sing the Sorrow. I would be forever grateful if someone could pick this up for me.

Keep looking, 10,000 pressed, someone is hoarding at least 9,000 of these somewhere haha My search was pretty exhaustive, someone on here had it in the sale/trade thread for like 25 bucks ppd but there was major damage to the the top corners and I'm unfortunately pretty fickle about the jackets, it just wasn't worth it to me.

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