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Stupid RSD question

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So this will be the first rsd I'll be participating in. My question is about where the new releases will be in the stores. Are they usually separated and placed together? Or placed in each bands genre? I only ask so I can check out where I need to get to ahead of time if they are placed under genre.

I know that all store prolly don't do it the same but if you could let me know how they do it in your area it'll help me out.


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At Reckless in the Loop and on Milwaukee, they both had the releases behind the counter and you had to wait in line with a list of things you wanted, hand them the list when your turn came up and they'd come back with some of what was on your list.

I think I would prefer walking over to a section of the releases on a shelf or display but I know that would probably be pandemonium. With the Reckless system, it really is first come first served and you can regulate the distribution and prevent fights especially since there will be people there who care nothing for records and are simply disenfranchised victims of our horrible economy looking to score the rarest Jack White related item and flip it on eBay.

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At the store I shop in (Park Ave CDs) they let in a handful of people at a time. The releases are all arranged together.

If I were you I would definitely ask some questions at the store you plan on shopping in for RSD. Just ask what their set up is like. They might even tell you how early people usually get there, but don't hold them to it if they end up being wrong.

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Last year Amoeba gave everyone in line a sheet with all of the releases on it, then you checked off what you wanted, gave it back to the workers, they got em all, and you got rung up. It ruled. No crazy rush towards everything, no fighting, just pick what you wanted and BAM!

That's fantastic. I wish all stores would do that. Each year I was one of the first few in line and of course people started pushing and acting the fool as soon as the doors opened. I try to act very civilized when it comes to these things but when someone pushes me, that's when I tend to lose my temper.

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