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Drive-thru records (NFG, TSL, TEN, ML, etc)


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Ok everyone... here is the inventory. Please keep the following in mind when you're PMing me an offer. These are the ORIGINAL test pressings that Drive-Thru Records used when they were pressing these records. These are NOT test presses that were pressed to sell like most labels do nowadays to make extra money. These were passed around the label office and listened to repeatedly to make sure the presses turned out well (who knows wtf happened on that finch pressing!!!). These are NOT in mint condition but they're in very good condition. Some have scratches, blemishes, and dust on them. I'll will try to pick out the best of the remaining when you order. These are a part of Drive-thru Records history. If you're not sure what to offer, try to research what the records normally sell for, then take into account what a test pressing would be worth, and then shoot me an offer. I'm going to have to end up dumping some of these on eBay at some point so PM me a realistic offer and get it without the hassle of bidding. I leave for tour on January 18 so please try to have your order in by January 15 at the latest so I have time to ship before I leave.



Also, this is all we have record wise. Please do not PM me asking if I have something that's not listed cause chances are that I do not.

Thanks everyone!






Pics of Vinyl:

This is what the tests look like. Solid black with blank "Elektra" label. The only way to tell them apart is to listen to them or read the etchings. They come in a white record sleeve but no jacket.




New Found Glory - Friends Press


This is a gorgeous record. They are orange marble and hand numbered so if you buy one and your number is "5" then it will have a "5" written on the shrink wrap label as well as ETCHED on the record 5/25. These are opened to verify color but never played.




Beat-up Finch - What It Is To Burn

I found this in the garage but it's beat to shit... Looks like it got soaked or something. The jacket is completely fucked beyond repair. The gatefold WILL NOT open. It's the Green/Red variant of the record and the records actually look like they're in great shape. I'm posting this for someone that might want this record cheaper to listen to it because the records look fine.






Random Clothing:

Less than Jake - XL



Less than Jake - XL



New Found Glory Hoodie - XL



RX Bandits - XL


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your friend Richard should repress a lot of these albums that other people are trying to license off him but he won't let go of.

that being said, i'd do many bad things for some of these TPs. wish I had funds at the moment =(

who said he won't let go of them? people are seriously ridiculous about that and have no idea what's going on! they're working on some stuff right now. just keep your eyes open.

btw what albums would you like to see repressed? just out of curiosity!


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Ok so Richard just told me I can tell everyone... Drive-thru have worked out a deal of some sort and will be releasing 20 albums on vinyl over the next 18 months.
better not be finch or TSL after what i paid you/him haha

but seriously holy shit.

haha at least you have the first presses!

it's gonna be awesome, I'm stoked.

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