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I am beyond stoked because today I got a new guitar. Fender Telecaster. Anyways any of you guys got any new musical gear lately? She was telling me how she played Kris Roe for most all of his records

At my work they're trying to get rid of a bunch of display models for super cheap, so I couldn't pass up a crazy-ass deal on this bad boy. I've always wanted a tele ever since I started playing and th

i had a rondo. just changed the bridge pup with a bare knuckle and that's all it took. if you don't like heavy guitars (weight) i wouldn't get one. they are heavy as all hell. but for the price they a

My local store isn't on there but I think that is cause they never really had a big music section.


I don't know for sure. Have gone into best buy maybe 1 time in the last 4 years and that was to get the geek squad to hook up my computer power supply and confirm that it was bad. Then I bought a new one online.

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Think the amp is worth anything?




It's not really properly advertised. Wondering if I could steal it. 

Was bored and decided to find some info and voila.



If it helps with a potential purchase.


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Whoa. That thing is crazy.


I just sold my Bassman 10. It was a pain in the ass to lug around and just not quite what I'm looking for. Anyone have any experience using a Sunn Acoustic 150 as a guitar amp? I played through my friend's at practice and I was digging it, and I'm ready to ditch tube stuff. I don't treat my gear nice enough, and the old stuff can be frail and any decent new stuff is out of my price range.

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Yeah I might give the estate sale a try. Not even really looking for an amp just thinking maybe they don't know what they have and I can get it for $50, then trade for something else.


Maybe that is just wishful thinking. It's about a 20 minute drive. If not, maybe I'll buy something else.

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Those magnatone amps are boss, but they're a son of a bitch and a bastard to maintain. Some of them use weird tubes, too. If it works, it's a score and probably worth keeping. If not, it could go for parts or to someone that wants to put some love into it. They're going up in value in good condition. Not so much if its wrecked.

If I didn't work tomorrow I'd go try and snatch it for myself. Hahahaha.

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That's one nice looking strat Rambo. 

Has anyone played/own a Fender '69 Thinline Tele or Classic Player Jazzmaster? They sure look tasty.

Those classic player Jazzmasters are really great guitars. The action is so great on them. I played one a while back, but only bought a black top one for finance sake. Luckily I was able to stumble upon a classic player jaguar for about $200 off the original price last week. Immediately jumped on that.

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oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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