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Jobs ( What do you do?)

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I work for a paper company in sales. I hate it there. The boss is always doing stupid shit like throwing office parties or making stereotypical racist comments toward me. I just want to get my work done. I've been working there for years and I am surrounded by idiots. One of my coworkers is always trying too hard and wears a stupid yellow shirt every day. I even had a heart attack at work once because he decided it would be good to start a fire in the utility closet to practice fire safety. It is kind of amusing to see him get pranked by my other coworker, Jim. Yesterday my boss decided to throw a carnival because our HR guy was leaving to Costa Rica. That was pretty fun, I got to eat tons of free food. I love me some free food. But whatever, just another day at the office I guess.


I'm just loling at my downvotes. 

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The past 3 years I have been installing digital projectors and theater management systems into movie theaters in North America, Central, and South America. I recently got a job here working in my home town for one of the theater chains that I installed for. I enjoy it, technology is interesting. 

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