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New Color Vinyl for Glass Candy/Chromatics/Desire - IDIB


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Really hoping that Deluxe version of Closer to Grey comes out on 4XLP 




They release a 1x version of the LP.

4 sides for a 45 minute album is my biggest pet peeve in record collecting. Would much rather a single LP for a  normal length album...but maybe I’m the minority? 

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21 minutes ago, timsimmons said:

Yeah, but it’s cut at 45. I think they wanted the best quality. 

They strive for the best quality with their releases. They are cut by Bernie Grundman, pressed at RTI, and the two records are pressed at 45 rpm and weigh in near 200 grams. That's how the latest Johnny Jewel records are pressed as well. 

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1 hour ago, Rip said:

And yet they give so much stuff away all the time.  We don’t deserve them.

True. Johnny has always been extremely generous. Their prices and all the freebies they give away is pretty over the top. Remember when they kept giving out all of those free records with postage included? I don't know if Johnny is a trust fund kid or what, Either way, IDIB can really do no wrong, in my opinion.

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Just some IDIB news I thought was cool -- The Weeknd released a deluxe version of his new album After Hours with 4 remixes and a live version of a song - one of the remixes is by Chromatics.


Whole album is very 80s synth inspired, and definitely gave me Chromatics vibes here and there so much so that I threw on the Drive soundtrack after a listen yesterday. Don't know if he was inspired by them or how they got hooked up... but huge exposure for Johnny Jewel and the IDIB crew. Really cool.

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They put "The Fuck is Dear Tommy?" shirts in the store and posted a teaser today for the song "Teacher".

Is this shit finally happening?

People are speculating Teacher will drop on Friday and maybe album details/pre-order.

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Well no release announcement for Dear Tommy as speculated, but looks like its at least moving nearer. New tracklist revealed & new track Teacher released.


Looking at IDIB responses to questions on Youtube when asked if it means DT is coming very soon they say "soon is relative", so make of that what you will! They also say JJ has a plan for the tracks removed from the previous tracklist.


01 Fresh Blood
02 Glitter
03 Never Tell
04 Just Like You
05 She Says
06 The Moment
07 Time Rider
08 White Fences
09 Teacher
10 Between the Lines
11 Too Late
12 Dear Tommy
13 Melodrama
14 Ultra Vivid
15 Colorblind
16 Sometimes
17 Dream Sequence
18 Endless Sleep

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