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things i have money for and want you to sell to me.

if these trees could talk - above the earth, below the sky (any variant)

balance and composure - only boundries (pre-order with screen printed bside or test press)

balance and composure - seperation (record release or test press)

mae - destination beautiful

la dispute - vancouver

underoath - theyre only chasing safety

relient k - mhhmm

dustin kensrue - clear (1st press)

the ataris - so long astoria

unwritten law - elva

silversun pickups - carnavas

sense fail - let it enfold you

the early november - for all of this/acoustic (etr releases)

balance and composure - seperation tape - clear with blue liner

TSSF - under soil and dirt tape - red tint

ill add more as a think of it, i guess. PM ME if you have any of these and willing to let go at a reasonable price! also, i dont have a trade list, just looking to buy right now.

thanks for looking!

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i have the 2 early november 10"s in vinyljunkiedistro.com/mailorder

thanks for the heads up, but im gonna wait it out to see if anything in a more reasonable price range pops up. i mean, i do have the $90 it would take to get both, but i honestly think i might be able to find a better deal. thanks anyway though!

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