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I used to work third shift. It was bittersweet.

I can understand that. It definately has it's ups and downs. +s being that I can do whatever I want in my free time without anybody breathing down my throat and that there's not nearly as much drama as day shift. -s being, well, the whole sleep thing. My sleep cycle is so fucked up cause I try to get up early w/ only like 4 hours of sleep so I can get my weekend started early. Then I go to my second job on the weekends too, so that doesn't help either. I just feel so worn out all the time and it sucks.

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I worked overnights once a week for awhile at an old retail job. I hated it, but mostly because I worked 4 days a week on a normal schedule, so that one day totally fucked my whole schedule up. Also my boss was a dick, and would schedule me at like, 9 AM the next day working so I couldn't even really adjust my sleeping.

The customers that came in were in general nicer and more laid back, which was cool. However, my overnight coworkers were sometimes weird as hell, and always lazy. It also sucks having to worry about getting robbed. I'm not tough at all.

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My first job was 3rd shift in a gas station, over the summer.


+ It was SUPER dead

+ I was listening to NOFX, Dropkick Murphys, just punk rock in general over the stereo system. I bought a Y splitter to plug in my CD PLAYER at the time

+ It was super peaceful at night


- I didn't have much to do once my cleaning was done, so I would just eat random crap all the time. I'm ~5'6" and used to weigh like 110lbs wet. I probably gained 30 pounds that summer

- Couldn't sleep during the day

- Got held up at knife point. Big knife. Kinda like this one:


- It was SUPER DEAD!!!

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