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Mountain Man Records - new releases / distro updates

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Mountain Man Records

Mountain Man Records store / distro

I've been trying to keep our distro up-to-date with some titles people are looking for at fair prices.

Here's the current list:

********** 12" ***********

Algernon Cadwallader "Some Kind of Cadwallader" LP | Hot Green LISTEN | BUY

Algernon Cadwallader "Parrot Flies" | Hot Green LISTEN | BUY

Andrew Jackson Jihad "Knife Man" LP | Asian Man | translucent green LISTEN | BUY

Dogjaw "Slow to Build" LP | Rumbletowne LISTEN | BUY

French Quarter "Desert Wasn't Welcome" LP | Offtempo LISTEN | BUY

Flechette "S/T" LP | Sound Era LISTEN | BUY

Hop Along "Gets Disowned" LP | Hot Green LISTEN | BUY

Joyce Manor "Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired" LP | Asian Man | translucent blue LISTEN | BUY

Key Losers "California Lite" LP | P.W. Elverum & Sun LISTEN | BUY

Low Places "Spiritual Treatment" LP | A389 | grey vinyl LISTEN | BUY

Ridgemont "Colder Days" LP | Mindless / Kiss of Death LISTEN | BUY

Royal Headache "S/T" LP | What's Your Rupture? LISTEN | BUY

RVIVR "S/T" LP | Rumbletowne LISTEN | BUY

RVIVR "the Joester Sessions" LP | Rumbletowne LISTEN | BUY

Summer Vacation "Condition" LP | Recess / Razorcake | blue LISTEN | BUY

Young and in the Way "V. Eternall Depression" LP | Antitheic | 2nd press, clear w/white haze LISTEN | BUY

********** 10" ***********

Twin Steps "Serial Parade" | Cola Bruin | opaque green LISTEN | BUY

Wild Moth "S/T" | Suitors Club LISTEN | BUY

********** 7" ***********

Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation "Split" | Muy Autentico / Lauren LISTEN | BUY

Pangea "Killer Dreams" EP | Lauren / Ghostbot LISTEN | BUY

Stephen Steinbrink "Rennet" | Funkytonk BUY

********** CD ***********

Merry Christmas "Her Exceptional Kindness" EP | Lauren Records LISTEN | BUY

Underground Cities "the Dalliance Album" LISTEN | BUY

********** Cassette ***********

Andrew Jackson Jihad "Knife Man" | Lauren Records LISTEN | BUY

Jason Clackley / So Adult "Split" | So Exquisite BUY

Jason Clackley "and the Exquisites" | Great Plains Records BUY

So Adult "Rookie" CS LISTEN | BUY

Stephen Steinbrink "Condensed Nothing" | Holy Page LISTEN | BUY

Stephen Steinbrink "Rennet" BUY

Thou "Baton Rouge, You Have Much to Answer For" | Robotic Empire LISTEN | BUY

******Mountain Man Releases ********

MMR002 - the Littlest Viking "Labor & Lust" LP | green vinyl LISTEN | BUY

MMR003 - Jason Clackley "to the Few and Far Between" LP LISTEN | BUY

MMR004 - Big Kids "Hoop Dreams" CS | 2nd press LISTEN | BUY

MMR006 - French Quarter "Live at the Sandlot" DVDr LISTEN | BUY

MMR007 - Lazy Mary "Crazy Hairy" 7"EP LISTEN | BUY

MMR008 - Koalacaust "Smiles Shine Like Broken Glass" 7"EP | clear vinyl, purple vinyl LISTEN | BUY

MMR010 - Wild Pack of Canaries "the Coroner Can Wait" CD LISTEN | BUY

MMR011 - Koalacaust / Big Kids "Split" 7" | yellow vinyl LISTEN | BUY

MMR013 - Big Kids "Don't Be a Baby +2" CS LISTEN | BUY

MMR014 - Big Kids "Phone Home" CS LISTEN | BUY

MMR015 - Tiny Lungs "the Devil Who Painted the Wagon Red b/w Made Up War Stories" 7" Single LISTEN | BUY

MMR016 - Brown and Blue "You Only Wanted Strength b/w Dirty Feed" 7" Single LISTEN | BUY

MMR017 - Wild Pack of Canaries "Rain Brain b/w In Case of Hornets" 7" Single LISTEN | BUY

MMR018 - V/A - "Friends and Family" Digital Compilation LISTEN | BUY


MMR019 - Colossal Rex "Every Place is Sacred" 12" EP | coke bottle clear LISTEN

MMR020 - the Littlest Viking "S/T" 12" LP | clear vinyl

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