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FS: Hot Water Music, Chuck Ragan, The Draft ....... & Related Bands: Sampler/Compilations CD / DVD

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For Sale is here my Collection of Hot Water Music and releated Bands - Sampler Compilations etc.

The CD´s are in a good condition.

If you need more pictures or information, let me know.

I stored the things very carefully. I am a nonsmoker and I have no pets .....

Some of the Samplers are pretty rare and not very easy to get.

I am selling this as a complete package!

Feel free to make offers....If there are no offers at all or way to low, I will put the whole package on ebay....

Shipping is from Germany.

The whole package is nearly 10kg!

So I just checked for the Shipping form here to the US with DHL - insured 47€.

If you have a better idea to ship this, let me know.

Shipping within Germany is cheaper something less than 10€

I am happy to ship to every country , but the risk is up to you! Do not hate me, if your postman steals your package.......

Payment via Paypal

Here is the list:

The Blacktop Cadence:

A Million Miles Away - The Emo Diaries Chapter Two

Hot Water Music:

My Mom likes these Songs

Unite for Peta

No Idea 100 : Redefiling Music

No-Fi Trash

Very Small Records - Faux pas Potpourri

Punk-O-Rama 6

Punk-O-Rama 7

Punk-O-Rama 8

Punk-O-Rama 9

Warped Tour 2005 Compilation

Back to Donut


Atticus...dragging the lake II

Over Exposed

Rock against Bush Vol 2

Don´t forget to breathe

Vans of the Wall Volume 5

Vans of the Wall Volume 4

Punk-O-Rama 10

Capitol Radio

Double Exposure

You can zasze that something "Special - No Idea / Fueled by Ramen

Alpha Motherfuckers

Initial Records Punk Rocker Sampler

Doghouse fifty

City Rockers ...A Tribute to the Clash

Invasion of the Indie Snatchers

Kerrang Life is Loud-The Best of 2001

Living tomorrow today - a benifit for ty campra

Liberation - Songs to beneift the Peta

Blindspot Mailorder / Distro

Plea for Peace Take Action

Attaining the Supreme

Under the influence - A tribute to the Smith, the Clash & the Cure

Totally fucking the 80´s

Blood Sweat & Tears: A Compilation

Return of the Read Menace

Epitaph - Extreme Sounds Sampler

Greenhell Cd Compilation # 2

Greenhell Cd Compilation # 4

BYO Records Compilation

Epitaph Summer Sampler & Catalog 2005

Hot Water Music - Epitaph Tour Sampler 2004

Epitaph Showcase 2002

Spex CD # 23

Visions All Areas Volume 32

Extreme Sound Sampler - Epitaph

Extend Fanzine Silver - Five Inch Collection

Ox Compilation # 43

Visions All Areas Volume 54

AMP Sampler Volume 11

The Draft:

Unsound Epitaph Records US VERSION

We´ll inherit the earth...a tribute to the Replacments

Unsound Epitaph Records EU VERSION

No Idea : The Fest 6

Visions All Areas Volume 77


Plea for Peace Volume 2

The Streets we walk

All Aboard- A tribute to Johnny Cash

Suburban Home Records Mix Tape Volume one

The Cutting Edge Culture - Volume 1

The Crows:

Leitwerk der modernen Idiomatik

Chris Wollard & The Shipthieves:

No Idea Fest 7

No Idea Fest 8


Floriduh- A collection of Live Recordings 1992-2002

No Idea: The Shape of Flakes to come

DVD´s :

Backbeat-Punk Rock Video Magazine Volume 1

Punk-O-Rama Volume 1 the Videos

Warped Tour Live

No Idea The Fest 3

Xtreme Snowboard Trax

Extra: Against Me We´re never going home

Epitaph DVD Video Mix


Extent # 8

Amp # 12 Dec 2004/ Jan 2005

Ox Fanzine # 43 II/2001

Amp #7 Feb/Mar 2004

Spex # 259 10/2002

Visions # 163 Oct 2006

Visions # 139 Oct 2004

2x Visions 115 Oct 2002

Wonkavision # 34


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