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FS: STD Through Being Cool, Can't Slow Down


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Hey dumbass, I sent you a message right when you posted it for sale, and I can see when you read it. I could also see that you were still online for quite some time after reading it. You do a thing called sucking dick at night time you fucking homo. Boof the records queer.

Thing is, I actually do suck a lot of dick karmamook1; but I don't mean your average amount of dick; I mean, we're talking A LOT OF DICK. You'll notice how I utalized the caps lock feature to really ensure you have a keen understanding of how much dick I truly suck at night. But, that's just the night; we're talking anywhere between 8-23 dicks in one night. But keep in mind, the day time is no time to let the true business of cock suckery go out the window. A true cocksmith must utalize all hours of the night and also the day to truly master the fine art of sucking the mighty man sword.

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And how many poses did you do before you found the one with the right look for your avatar you fucking ridiculous queer?

To be honest, it took around 36 takes to finally get the perfect pose for said avatar. But this is only for the initial avatar image, not the final prodect. First, the image was increased by 66%, then immediately scaled down by 346 pixels to ensure the proper amount of distortion. Next, I applied a homemade filter in which Instagram has yet to give the final go ahead to; I call this filter the "cocksmith". After the filter has done it's work (approximately 45-60 minutes later). I reprint the image and scan using a 1996 Epson FX-2170 printer in which I have custom modded to meet my exact specifications. Finally, I take a camera shot of the image using a Motorola Razr. There you have it. You too, can look this attractive while still maintaining the proper amount of hipster points in which it takes to recieve that special limited hipster edition Iron & Wine 7" which each employee of TOMS shoes will eventually flip on eBay.

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Also, on a serious note. Thank you to everyone for your responses regarding trades. Though I would MUCH MUCH prefer to trade you guys for records that I can enjoy; alas, bills are starting to pile up as I await student loans. Otherwise, I promise that I would trade over sell; I HATE selling records. Also, to anyone that has PM'd me with a price, if I have not responded to you yet, I do apologize, but to anyone that has tried to use the messages system on an iPhone, it truly is very fickle. If I have not responded to you yet, I promise you will have my response by the end of Sunday. Again, thank you very much.

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These bad boys have been sold. Thank you do much for the offers and trade attempts.

Also, karmamook, you should try to relax a little more. When was the last time you let your hair down, went out with the girls, and danced until you were one Cranberry vodka away from telling the bartender just how cute he is? Maybe it's about that time.

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