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Urban Outfitters Exclusive Vinyl & Sale Discussion

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This thread is kinda dead but, since the last post, there have been at least 58 new UO exclusives. They've put up quite a bit in the last couple of weeks. Several different genres.

UO Exclusives - Vinyl Records | Urban Outfitters

Also, right now there is an extra 40% off the few vinyl in their sale section.

Vinyl Records + Cassette Tapes on Sale | Urban Outfitters

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🚨Urban Outfitters 36% OFF (UO App w/ Klarna)🚨


Here’s the details:
️20% OFF in the UO App (discount shows in cart)
️20% OFF w/ Klarna (discount shows at checkout)
‼️Discount math: 20% off + 20% off = 36% off


You can use your browser to load your cart and then checkout on the app. 

Let me know if you have any questions about UO or Klarna. I just completed my purchase and confirmed it works! I was even able to apply an additional $5 off reward I had.



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