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Guest thebambino

i cant log in anymore, and dont get any e-mails from the site

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Guest thebambino

I cant log in anymore, and when I request my password it never comes...

username: thebambino


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Guest frank

I have the same isuues. sent this email to Paul, but didn´t hear back from him.


I´m having the same problem that has already been discused on the help board.

Since my notebook crashed, I can´t log into my account on the vinyl collective board. I dunno what´s the problem, maybe I typed the wrong password but I´m pretty sure I logged in with the correct one. On my crashed notebook, my password was saved, so I was automatically logged in everytime I visited the board.

I tried to request a new password about 3 times, but I never received any emails from the board.

It would be cool if you could reset my old password and send me a temporary password via email.

my username is: frank

Thanks a lot, Frank

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