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PO: August Burns Red - Sleddin' Hill (out Oct. 9)


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bought through rev hq as well as a nerve agents record.  thank you for posting this!


Hope you realize that the Rev HQ link was to the original 1xLP, no bonus tracks, pressing.




I sold my original red variant for more than the new pressing this morning...  grabbed the new pressing.

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I just got the Midnight Clear CD in the mail from Best Buy & I gotta say these guys killed it again with Joy To The World.  I mean I'm a holiday celebrating individual, I get into the spirit every year.  Always have since I was a kid.  Love the decorations, lights, music, but I never pictured myself hearing these songs with such energy and excitement.  Just being fired up anticipating some Carol Of The Bells, Frosty, now Joy To The World, all of it.  

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So I finally got around to grabbing this, and it turns out the real reason it's a 2xLP is that it's 45 RPM. Pleasant surprise. Actually sounds really smooth and fantastic, was not expecting it to be as great of a pressing as it is. Only downside is the jacket isn't a gatefold, which always kind of annoys me with doubles, especially when they're priced like this one. But whatever, still a great sounding pressing that I'll be enjoying every December.

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I'll toast to that.  Good timing, I was just anticipating taking this album out after Thanksgiving.  I hope they play at least 1 jam off this during their tour with Every Time I Die.  Anyone else see or hear the news that this year's ABR holiday celebration will be on Punk Goes Christmas' rerelease (a deluxe issue), and it's their own rendition of Somewhere In My Memory.  Home Alone's theme song.  One of my favorite holiday sounds is that theme, and I'm hella excited to see what they did with it.

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This will be on sale 50% off from midnight tonight til midnight tomorrow night.



Also comes with the "Midnight Clear" compilation from last year for free (in mp3 form). Tracklist for that here.

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Part of me wants to own this on vinyl because it's such a great album.  But the other part of me laughs at the thought of actually playing this record...it's just not an album that makes sense to hear on vinyl, imo.  Maybe it's because the album is so digitally-produced sounding.  I dunno, maybe it's just me.  

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i think the cheapest shipping option was like 9 and change which is lame


Merchline is the worst.  They've literally lost my business at least 10 times in the past because I got to check out, ready to give them my hard-earned money, and then realized they want $13 to ship two records, or something ridiculous like that.  

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42 minutes ago, danmpie7 said:

It is up

Link? Haven’t seen the band say anything about it and not seeing it.


EDIT: Its up on their store $50 without shipping is steep. Wonder if it’s going to be cheaper on SS, cause that’s the one I want anyways.




And up at Solid State:


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