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hello my friends!!- i came down with a terrible terrible terrible flu -bleh ive been in bed for 2 days straight and still feel weak and lousy =( -my boyfriend shipped all over sea's records on thursday so if you are located in another country you records have shipped ( i need to get the tracking info from him next time he comes by to see me but rest assured they shipped out ) - also i need some more mailers asap can someone please message me where i can order some of those please.. i only have about 5 or 6 left so i really need to order some of them tonight - soo on monday i will ship more with the mailers i have - everyone that paid are priorities and will be out monday and then i will have to wait for the mailers to come before i can ship more - glad to see some people got there stuff and told you so! lol - i am not here to screw anyone over and look forward to buying and selling on VC - ok let me get to your messages now - bad timing to get sick i know, but man oh man i felt like death ughhhh - oh well better days to come - ttys Jenny!!

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Just so everyone knows here is the message I received upon purchasing the records:

Hello, This is Arthur [name removed] Please note that you made the purchase agreement with Andy [name removed] on the vinyl message boards. I am merely clearing the payment and shipping label for this purchase. I have no connection with the records that you bought.

She told me that this is her step father's account and that Andy is her boyfriend. I am not sure if that guy has any connection to this DrewskiMonster guy, I just wanted to check in and see if everyone else had the same Paypal experience. It is likely, but it still makes me a little skeptical

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